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Grandmaster Jae Chul Shin
(December 20, 1936 - July 9, 2012)

Robert E. Beaudoin


Studio of the Month

November   2016

Soldotna Martial Arts

Chief Instructor/Owner:

Master Howard (Bud) Draper

Other Instructors:

Danny MacIntosh, E Dan


47103 E Poppy Lane
Soldotna, AK 99669



Types of Classes:

Tang Soo Do


History of the School

Established in 1988.

History of the Chief Instructor

Master Draper started his training in 1970 while attending Central Michigan University. He trained within the Moo Do Kwan Tang Soo Do Organization. Shortly after moving to Soldotna, Alaska in 1978, he found a group of fellow martial artists that belonged to the World Tang Soo Do Association and transferred into the organization as a red belt and began his training again for his black belt. It wasn’t easy as some problems stymied his progress. However, he persevered and with blood, sweat, and tears finally earned his 1st Dan in 1989. He continued training and finally became the owner of the studio in 1998 and was awarded his 4th Dan Master rank in 2008. One of his favorite sayings is “Never, No not Ever, Give Up!”

What makes your studio stand out from the rest:

At Soldotna Martial Arts we laugh hard, train hard, and play hard! Each and every student is valued and respected as a person first, then as a martial artist. Age doesn’t matter, you can be 5 or 75; all are welcome!!

Student Testimonials:

My son Keagen started Karate with Master Draper a year ago. Keagen had wanted to start Karate for a while. Once we started it was amazing. I saw my son go from a shy, timid boy, to a confident young man. Master Draper builds my sons confidence and respect for himself and others. I tear up sometimes when I see him learn something new and I watched so much frustration on his face and in his eyes trying to get there. Once he gets it he has pride, it beams off his face. I will forever be grateful for the gift that Master Draper has given to my son and my family. 7th Gup

Our son Sam is Autistic and after trying several other sports/activities we decided to stop in and visit Soldotna Martial Arts. Master Draper was welcoming, friendly, and not pushy. Master Draper left a lasting impression on our son, and he wanted to go back a few more times before he said he wanted to join. Since that time over two years ago we have watched him go from a very withdrawn, scared to be around people, didn’t want to make friends, and lacked self-confidence child, to a child that is totally the opposite. He has confidence, he has made several friends, he isn’t scared to go places with us, and he is even a bit outgoing now. We are still working on his motor skills, but even those have improved immensely and it’s all attributed to the dedication, consistency, and guidance he receives from Master Draper and his program. Sam Festervand, 11 years old, 5th Gup

Our son Monte is 12 years old. He was previously involved in a different kind of karate and just this past year enrolled in Master Draper’s dojo. He now shows enthusiasm to attend his classes and greatly enjoys Master Draper’s lessons because he makes it enjoyable and fun. We are eagerly looking forward to continuing onto black belt status in Tang Soo Do with Master Draper. The Freeman Family 7th Gup

The Mickelson “brothers” Chris and Levi have been blessed with the opportunity to participate in Tang Soo Do. We started as a way to exercise, spend quality time together, and learn a new skill. We really enjoy sparring, Ho Sin Sul, Il Soo Sik, as well as other techniques we have learned from Master Draper and crew. Undoubtedly though we enjoy participating in the resting position as often as possible. We have met many wonderful folks and cultured new friendships through Tang Soo Do. We look forward to continuing our training with the goal of obtaining our black belts, knowing the real reward is the process of developing these skills. We are honored to train with you. Dr. Chris Mickelson Family 5th Gup

Soldotna Martial Arts has been a wonderful place for our daughter to practice Tang Soo Do. Master Draper is both compassionate and stern at the same time, a balance that I have found to be hard for some martial arts instructors to display. I, along with my daughter, love the atmosphere at Soldotna Martial Arts. It is a place we look forward to going three times a week to better our understanding of both technique and important life ethics. The respect shared between students, regardless of their rank, age, or number of years practicing under Master Draper is one of the qualities I appreciate the most about Soldotna Martial Arts. Master Draper has a standard that he has set for his Dojo and his example continually steers his students in this right direction. I have a deep appreciation for Master Draper and the help he gave to our family when we were in need of finding our Martial Arts family, and family is just what we found. Whitney, 13, 7th Gup