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Grandmaster Jae Chul Shin
(December 20, 1936 - July 9, 2012)

Robert E. Beaudoin


Studio of the Month

November   2014

Wales Tang Soo Do          

Chief Instructor:

Ms. Jemma Browning Sam Dan

Other Instructors:

Mr Paul Turton- Sam Dan (Wales TSD Cardiff-West),
Kristian Reed-Sam Dan (Wales TSD Cardiff-East),
Angus Rogers-Sam Dan (Wales TSD Ebbw Vale),
Paul Jones – E Dan (Wales TSD Govilon)


Blaenavon Active Living Centre
Blaenavon, Torfaen, South Wales, Great Britain



Number of Students:


Types of Classes:

Classes run all over South East Wales, for students ranging from ages 5 and above

History of the School:

Wales Tang Soo Do was founded over 25 years ago in South East Wales and since July of this year, has been headed by its Chief Instructor Ms. Jemma Browning - Sam Dan. Wales Tang Soo Do instructors teach classes all over South East Wales, with students ranging in age from 5 to 60+ years old. We have hosted three Masters Clinics and three tournaments in this time, with the most recent being the 2014 Region 11 Masters Clinic and Regional Tournament in Cardiff, Wales, where we were honoured to welcome Grandmaster Beaudion, Grandmaster Strong, our chief instructor Master Khan and many other great Masters, Candidates and students. Wales Tang Soo Do’s ambitions for the future are to continue to develop the area and to motivate existing students to reach their full potential, hopefully inspiring them to become instructors themselves one day.

History of the Chief Instructor:

Ms Browning has been training with the World Tang Soo Do Association for the last nineteen years, since the age of twelve, now under the instruction of Master Khan, 7th Dan. Despite never before contemplating to try a martial art, persuaded by a friend she went along to check it out and from the very first lesson she was hooked! She achieved her 1st Dan at the age of eighteen under her original instructor - Mr Chris Long. He was a great inspiration to her, not only for his fantastic technical ability, but his attitude and ability to relate to students of all ages. When Mr Long had to retire due to injury, although deeply saddened she continued to train with the association and continued to train hard to achieve her original goal- to one day be as good and inspirational as her instructor. She achieved her 2nd Dan three years later and started teaching in her home town of Blaenavon at the age of twenty-one. She loves the new challenge

that teaching provides and watching the students improve week by week. A proud moment for her was seeing her daughter aged 7, achieve two bronze medals at her first competition held in Wales this year. Ms. Browning has a passion for health and wellbeing and has undertaken courses in Fitness Instruction and an undergraduate BSc degree in Health, Exercise and Nutrition to help expand her knowledge in the area. She now works as a nutritionist for local schools to help improve food served to pupils and help the students have a better understanding of the importance of health and wellbeing.

What makes your studio stand out from the rest:

Wales Tang Soo Do has always been a studio instilled with our three motto’s- Traditionalism, Professionalism and brotherhood; we strive to deliver professional martial arts clubs, that are respectful of our traditional roots and in an environment that is both encouraging and helpful both in and out of the do jang. Our instructors are also all great friends who have the promotion and enhancement of Wales TSD’s future at the forefront. Considering we are only a small team we have delivered many fantastic events such as Masters Clinics and Regional, National and European Competitions all of which would not have been capable without the fantastic support of students, parents and instructors hard work, commitment and team working.

Student Testimonials:

“I have been training with the WTSDA for more than sixteen years, during this time it has helped build my confidence and has helped me believe in myself. It teaches you about commitment, respect and perseverance. Tang Soo Do is not only a hobby for me but a way of life. I have met many great people over the years, some of which are now like family.”
~ Sarah Fletcher, 29 – E Dan

“Tang Soo Do has had such a positive impact on my life. As I progressed through the belts I grew in confidence and fitness and became more disciplined in all aspects of my life. I truly believe I wouldn’t be where I am today without Tang Soo Do. Tang Soo Do helps you achieve goals, whether it’s the next belt, or an achievement outside of the do jang. I enjoy all aspects of training but particularly enjoy forms and competitions. I have met some great people who are now very good friends. All of our instructors are excellent martial artists and positive role models for the next generation of Wales Tang Soo Do of which I am very proud to be a part of . Tang Soo!”
~ Peter Coe, 31 – Cho Dan

“The main reason I started Tang Soo Do- apart from the pressure of my friend wanting me to start a self defense class with her- was to find a way to build strength in my lower back. It became apparent after the first few classes it was the kind of community that I felt comfortable in and supported. Over the years and climbing the ranks I have increased my fitness and flexibility with the bonus of meeting a whole new range of friends I would have never have met through my day-to-day life. Tang Soo Do gives me the confidence to try new things and not fear the repercussions knowing that I have tried my hardest and making me want to try harder to improve all aspects of my personal life and career.”
~ Julie Gardiner, 31 – 1st Gup

“I have been a member of Blaenavon Tang Soo Do for two years and have improved a lot since I started. I have entered two national championships and won three trophies. Tang Soo Do has helped my confidence grow in many ways. I have made new friends, enjoy working as a team and learning from my instructor. It is a great way to keep fit and has helped me believe in my own ability. Tang Soo Do has become an important part of my life”
~ Lowri Weeks, 10 – 2nd Gup

“I joined Tang Soo Do out of pure curiosity in April 2012. Now two-and-a-half years later, I am a senior brown belt, a bronze medalist in two national competitions and more confident than I have ever been. I still remember all my firsts as a member of the WTSDA – my first lesson, learning how to tie my belt, my first grading, the list goes on, as I am sure it does for all of us. I enjoy TSD for a number of reasons, the main one being how much of a stress relief it is for me and the self-discipline I have gained. The physical benefits are also clear – I am much fitter and healthier than I used to be. I look forward to my red belt grading in a few weeks and I certainly don’t plan on leaving any time soon. Tang Soo!”
Roisin Jacobson, 15 – 3rd Gup

“I really enjoy Tang Soo Do, I find it fun and challenging. I have made lots of new friends and this is increasing as I take part in competitions and train at other venues, everyone is so friendly and nice. I feel like I am much more confident and focused which helps me throughout my school life as well. My fitness levels have also increased. My instructor is very friendly, helpful and inspires me a lot. I look forward to training every week as I know I am going to learn something new.”
~ Matthew Jackson, 12 - 4th Gup

“ I enjoy Tang Soo Do because it is fun, cool and you learn how to do lots of moves and how to speak Korean. You meet lots of people and make new friends”
~ Edward Winterfeld, 8 – 5th Gup