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Grandmaster Jae Chul Shin
(December 20, 1936 - July 9, 2012)

Robert E. Beaudoin


Studio of the Month

November   2013

Allied Gardens Tang Soo Do Karate Academy

Chief Instructor:

Master Kenny Purnell

Other Instructors:

Mr. Chris Borree 3RD Dan;
Mrs. Laura Hoyt 3rd Dan
Mr. Logan Beltz 2nd Dan
Mr. Morgan Beltz 1st Dan


7401 Princess View Drive
Suite C
San Diego, Ca.



Number of Students:

85 students

Types of Classes:

Tang Soo Do Karate classes
Karate Aerobics
Women’s Self Defense


History of the School:

Allied Gardens Tang Soo Do Karate Academy was establish in 1988 under Clarence“Lucky” Ellison and Master Kenny Purnell.

History of the Chief Instructor:

Master Kenny Purnell has been with the WTSDA since the inception in 1982. Master Purnell started training under Kwan Chang Nim Young H. Kwon and Master Larry Dercole and received his Black Belt in 1981. He has been with the WSTDA for the past 32 years.

What makes your studio stand out from the rest:

The reason our studio stands out is the family atmosphere that our students and visitors feel while they practice with us. Classes are designed for the youngest students who want to learn martial arts. Emphasis is placed on listening, learning gross motor skills and having fun. Students develop skills to set and achieve their goals. We teach students to be the best they can be. When they leave the karate school they are always thinking about their discipline, focus, and , respect. We teach students not only how to defend themselves, but we teach them the mental, physical, and the spiritual art of Tang Soo Do . At our Dojang the parents help with so many extra curriculum activities for the kids.. They are truly what makes AGTSDKA family strong.

Student Testimonials:

“Words do not do justice to the gift that is the Allied Gardens Tang Soo Do Karate Academy to the Wakefield family. Under the amazing teaching of Master Kenneth Purnell, my three children have learned the true meaning discipline, integrity, self- confidence, and self control, all the while being taught the art of Tang Soo Do. The Allied Gardens Tang Soo Do Karate Academy is not merely a karate studio or school – it is a Family. The Allied Gardens Tang Soo Do Karate Academy is a wonderful Dojang where families train together and learn with and from each other. The experience has made an incredible difference in the lives of my three children. As a direct result of training under Master Purnell my children have dramatically improved their abilities to focus and concentrate in all situations. This has led them to excel in school and in extracurricular activities such as scouting and sports. Master Purnell inspires every student to be the best that they can be at all times and creates an environment where every child and adult will thrive and succeed. Master Purnell and the Allied Gardens Tang Soo Do Karate Academy are truly a blessing to my children, my family and our San Diego Community!”
~ Michelle Wakefield ( A very grateful Mother); Children: James Wakefield- Age 12, Cho Dan; Sophia Wakefield- Age 9, Cho Dan; Edward Wakefield – Age 6, 3rd Gup Brown

“This past year and a half has been great since I have returned to Tang Soo Do. I tested for my Sam Dan in October 2012 and received my rank in May 2013. As a Sam Dan in Tang Soo Do, I have been teaching classes and assisting my instructor a lot more. I enjoy working with students after they tested. I like teaching new forms and one-steps. Its real rewarding watching a student do a new form all by themselves. That is my favorite part of my training. “
~ Tang Soo!!! Chris Borree- Age 28- Sam Dan (028739)

“I have been practicing Tang Soo Do for one year and three months. Thanks to my regular practice I am healthier, stronger, faster, and more flexible. Master Purnell runs an excellent Dojang where there is an atmosphere of respect and camaraderie; it’s a very positive environment. I look forward to attending classes and with Master Purnell instruction I am getting better every week. I am 6th Gup currently and preparing for my 5th Gup test. Tang Soo!”
~ A.T., Age 43 - 6th- Green Belt

“I like Tang Soo Do because it teaches me to be a better person and to be more focused. I also like the physical part because it’s making me more healthy and fit.”
~ Aryana Hernandez- Age 14 Rank 2nd –Red Belt