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Grandmaster Jae Chul Shin
(December 20, 1936 - July 9, 2012)

Robert E. Beaudoin


Studio of the Month

November   2012

Austin Karate Academy

Chief Instructor:

Dave Mukherjee, Sam Dan

Other Instructors:

Carol Jury, Sam Dan
Eugene Miravete, E Dan
Conor Mitchell, E Dan
Hannah Canter, E Dan
Denis Sychev, Cho Dan
Maria Sychev, Cho Dan
Claudia Sychev, Cho Dan
Katherine Sychev, Cho Dan
Shane Holloway, Cho Dan
Isabel Grudowski, Cho Dan


9308 Anderson Mill Road
Ste 600
Austin, TX 78729


(512) 335-KICK (5425)

Number of Students:


Types of Classes:

Tiny Tigers Tang Soo Do
(Age 4-6)
Beginners Tang Soo Do
(Age 7+)
Intermediate Tang Soo Do
(Age 7+)
Advanced Tang Soo Do
(Age 7+)
Black Belt Tang Soo Do
Hap Ki Do
Women’s Self Defense Seminar


Web Site:

Our History:

Austin Karate Academy started out in the beginning of 2006 with 2 Black Belts and 10 students in a small room inside a local church. At that time we had two classes twice a week, one Tiny Tigers and one Adult class. Within 6 months we outgrew the church space and proudly opened our own studio at a commercial location. Our students put in a lot of hard work to build out this new facility, and we have come a long way. We now are able to offer multiple classes that are geared towards age as well as level of training. Our school is a family oriented atmosphere where all the instructors strive to have our teaching reach beyond the classroom. The goal of Martial Arts instruction at the Austin Karate Academy is to help each student reach their fullest potential and become better citizens in their communities. Austin Karate Academy now has over a dozen Black Belts and close to 100 students.

History of the Chief Instructor:

Dave Mukherjee has had a life-long fascination with Martial Arts and began training when he was 12 years old in a small town in India. He started off with a Japanese full contact Kyokushin-Kai Karate and continued his training for over 5 years before taking a break after a serious injury. He was at that time forced to focus his mind on studying and going to college. He resumed his training in Tae Kwon Do while attending college. In late 1996 he was introduced to Tang Soo Do by a dear friend and has been a member of the World Tang Soo Do Association ever since. Mr. Mukherjee has been a Sam Dan since 2007 and actively trains under Master Allen Sharpe from Spring, TX. He is also currently devoting his time to the art of Hap Ki Do.
Mr. Mukherjee is a strong proponent of former Grand Master Shin's philosophy of using Martial Arts training to develop the whole person, and he believes that training in Martial Arts can play an important role in mental and physical development - it provides a boost to Self Confidence, Discipline, and refinement of Motor Skills. His main philosophy is to provide an environment where students are surrounded by a Family environment where they can develop Mind, Body and Spirit through training in Tang Soo Do.
Mr. Mukherjee is also an Aerobic and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) certified Kickboxing instructor. He has competed and won awards in numerous Regional and World Championships, and took the WTSDA Region 4 Black Belt Grand Champion trophy for six consecutive years, 2005-2010, before withdrawing from Regional Championships. He was also awarded the 2007 Region 4 Instructor of the Year award. Mr. Mukherjee holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science and works as a Lead Database Administrator in one of World’s largest Retail companies. He thrives in his high demanding work and at the same time maintains a high quality Martial Arts training environment at the academy.

What makes your studio stand out from the rest:

The goal of Tang Soo Do training at the Austin Karate Academy is to help each student reach their fullest potential and become better citizens in their communities. Our instructors are committed to much more than just the physical training we offer. We want our students to gain confidence and have a better awareness of how much more training can impact all aspects of their lives. We strive to maintain our family-friendly appeal no matter how many students we have.


Student Testimonials:

“For several years my wife and I spoke with our son James about him perhaps trying to learn some form of martial arts for self defense. He had some trouble in school and we thought it would be a good idea. He was not interested and said everything would be okay. The bullying finally got to a point to where I pretty much did not give him a choice, he was going to learn self defense. I contacted several schools including the Austin Karate Academy. I spoke with Mr. Dave Mukerjee who very calmly explained what the benefits of going to his school would bring. Meanwhile, I was personally feeling much older than my 50 years; always hurting everywhere, having a lack of energy, and so forth. My family encouraged me to find a physical fitness program somewhere, and so the decision was made to have my son and I attend AKA together. This way he would not feel alone and I was hoping we would both get some benefits from it. My son James is now very excited to be learning self defense. It has shown him everything Mr. Mukerjee said it would - Self Confidence, Strength, Self Control. The instructors at the school, some of them mature way beyond their young years, also teach Humility, Respect, and the privileges of the WTSDA. He is no longer afraid to compete at tournaments and is even a member of the AKA Demo Team! He has also shared the mental enhancements he has experienced through the teachings both verbal and physical. As for me, I have never felt better! “
~ Daniel Monreal, 4th GUP, age 50 & James Monreal, 4th GUP, age 19

“There are so many different reasons that I enjoy Tang Soo Do as much as I do. Tang Soo Do teaches you so much about self-defense and the Tang Soo Do history. It is a great way to make friends, meet new people, and have fun, yet at the same time get lots of exercise. This Martial Art also teaches you respect humility, perseverance, self-control, etc. The Austin Karate Academy helps me personally embrace all of this as a whole. Everyone at the Austin Karate Academy is friendly, encouraging, inspirational, and unique in their own way. Without them I would be nowhere near where I am today. Austin Karate Academy is a great studio to learn from. There, the teaching style is organized and precise. This is one of so many reasons I enjoy doing Tang Soo Do at Austin Karate Academy. Tang Soo Do and The Austin Karate Academy are extremely important factors in my life. I can imagine what my life would be like without them, an upside down, backwards, completely different life.”
~Isabel Grudowski, Cho Dan, age 11

“I do TSD because I learn new thing and have fun as we are a big family. I also feel very strong when I do 'KiHap'. We are different from others in the way we do things and who we are.”
~ Abhik Kumar, 2nd GUP, age 10

“My son Kirtan is 9 yrs old and has been training at AKA for a year now. He enjoys the classes immensely. I have seen tremendous positive change in his behavior. He has become more confident, compassionate and respectful to others. He is currently at 6th GUP green belt. There is an opportunity given for the students to teach their juniors which I have seen makes the students mature, confident and develops patience. AKA is an excellent program to develop overall personality of a child. Thank you AKA!”

“I enjoy coming to AKA since it teaches me to stay focused and improve my listening skills. It is also a great way to get some physical activity and learn techniques and skills that come with Karate.”
~ Remy Simpson, Tiny Tigers White Belt, age 5

"What I like about Tang Soo Do: we give honor, loyalty, and we play sometimes dodgeball. We do kicks, punches, and techniques. Tang Soo Do makes me happy."
~ Sophia Chasteen, 7th GUP, age 8

“The Austin Karate Academy is known for its strong family atmosphere, with much credit to Mr. Mukherjee. I have trained in Tang Soo Do for seven years, and I can easily say that the "family" aspect within the school makes teaching and training much more enjoyable! I have learned a lot about how to live a better life physically and mentally through my Tang Soo Do training and the strong leadership from my chief instructor.”
~ Conor Mitchell, E Dan, age 17

"When I first joined Austin Karate Academy, I thought it was to support my son in an activity. Turns out that WTSD and AKA helped me gain confidence, friends and support. I find the family atmosphere that is created at AKA a wonderful part of my week. I'm one of the oldest members but don't feel like it as I'm thrilled to be seeking a black belt. Whenever I've hit a plateau and struggle, everyone in my classes help me to overcome the stumbling blocks. The best part about karate is that it makes me a better person in all areas of my life. Tang Soo!"
~ Carla Ek, age 47, Cho Dan Bo

"Sam loves Karate at Austin Karate Academy. He has learned many new skills while taking karate at AKA, such as self-control, self-discipline and he has gained so much self-confidence. He really likes and respects Mr. Mukherjee, his instructor, as well as many of the other instructors that teach at AKA. Sam attended the AKA summer camp in the summer of 2012, and had so much fun. Some of the camp activities included, playing and making new friends, physical fitness and breaking the blue board, which was fun! At the end of the camp, the students performed in a talent show and Sam performed with nunchucks. He said, that, at first he wanted to perform with staff, but changed his mind because he thought nunchunks would be more cool. Sam is looking forward to summer camp 2013 at AKA!"
~ Sam McCullough, Tiny Tigers Age 6

"I enjoy Tang Soo Do because it teaches me self-defense skills, self-discipline, self-confidence, and physical fitness. It makes me improve as an individual in and out of the class especially in school. Being respectful to my parents, teachers, and others around me. TSD gives me a better outlook in life in general and love it! Thanks to my Chief Instructor and all of my other instructors!! "
~ Teresa Gonzalez, 7 years old, white belt