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Grandmaster Jae Chul Shin
(December 20, 1936 - July 9, 2012)

Robert E. Beaudoin


Studio of the Month

October   2014

JC Karate

Chief Instructor:

Master Jennifer Couture-Kelly

Other Instructors:

Mr. Randy Safa 3rd Dan
Mr. Robert Beres 3rd Dan
Mrs. Krisl Beres 3rd Dan
Mr. Dan Peters 3rd Dan
Mr. David Rapillo 2nd Dan
Mrs. Rachel Shanok 2nd Dan
Mr. Darin Offerdahl 2nd Dan


130 South Main ST
Cheshire, Ct. 06410



Number of Students:

142 active students

Types of Classes:

Tiny Tigers age 3 -5, Kids Age 6-9, Teen & Adults, Power Yoga & Masters Club

Web Site:

History of the School:












JC Karate was opened in 1999 in a very small location in Cheshire. After 9 months we needed more space and moved to our present location. We have expanded three times since then by taking walls down as space was needed. We now occupy 3,200 sq ft.

History of the Chief Instructor:












Master Jennifer Couture began her training in October of 1984 with the Sattler Academy of Karate. She achieved the rank of Black belt at the age 15 with the instructors of the Meriden Academy of Karate. Master Couture was trained by Grandmaster Beaudoin, Master Marc Sattler, Master Antonio Rivera & Master Efrain Valentin as she grew up in the ranks of the WTSDA. After receiving her 2nd Dan in 1993 & 3rd Dan in 1998 she was invited to Masters camp by Grandmaster Shin in 2005. Master Couture received her 4th Dan Masters rank in 2008 in Scranton, Pa.

What makes your studio stand out from the rest:

JC Karate has a great family atmosphere and we always come together to lend our time and support to the community. Out of our 7 Instructors, 5 are moms & dads who started as white belts and trained alongside their children as they all became black belts.

Student Testimonials:

I love J.C. Karate. It is one of my favorite places to be and I look forward to going there. One of my favorite things to do is sparring matches, but I also love everything else. It is so much fun being with my awesome instructors and friends. J.C. Karate is the best.

~ Alexander Kailan (7 years old)

J.C. Karate is an amazing karate school. The instructors are a lot of fun and they help me learn a lot and enjoy what I am doing at the same time. When I’m training at J.C. Karate, I completely forget about everything else and focus on doing my best. I also love the caring family atmosphere. I feel like there is always someone who’s willing to help me. I love J.C. Karate. It’s like another home to me. As a 5th Gup, I can already picture myself as a black belt.

~ Annabelle Kailan (10 years old)

My name is Anne Morenz and I am a new Cho Dan, receiving my black belt September 13, 2014. Four years ago, I started training at J.C. Karate at the age of 48. I have two daughters who also train; a Cho Dan and an E Dan. My daughters always told me how they love karate, not only because of the physical activity, but because J.C. Karate is a second home to them. Now that I am a part of the school, I totally understand what they mean. The school has a wide variety of adults and children, many of us are families, who train together. The camaraderie and support shown to all students is staggering. As lower ranks approach testing dates, higher ranks take time to make sure that all areas of training are addressed in class; that each student receives what they need to be successful. Our school is owned by Jennifer Couture Kelly. She is the reason why the school is so successful. Her dedication and love of World Tang Soo Do is evident in everything she does. I am extremely grateful to be part of such a successful, wonderful karate school.

~ Anne Morenz Cho Dan

I love JC Karate. The instructors are very nice and super smart. They help me with whatever I am stuck on. My favorite part about JC Karate is that I get to join lots of tournaments and compete against other kids in other schools. Karate is great exercise for my body and my brain.

~ Eva Catalanotto 5th Gup Green belt

Four years ago when my son first became a student at JC karate, earning a black belt felt so far away to him. But Master Couture encouraged him every step of the way and showed him she believed he could do it--even when he wasn't so sure of that himself. Now, as a Cho Dan Bo, he's more motivated than ever, thanks to her support and that of the other incredible instructors. We're so grateful he is part of the JC Karate community!

~ The Gesler Family