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Grandmaster Jae Chul Shin
(December 20, 1936 - July 9, 2012)

Robert E. Beaudoin


Studio of the Month

September   2014

Rising Phoenix Tang Soo Do          

Chief Instructor:

Martha L. Heise, Sam Dan

Other Instructors:

Daniel Ackers, E Dan
Jason Witcraft, E Dan
Jennifer McClure, Cho Dan
William (Bubba) Howenstine, Cho Dan


2149 W. Main St., Ste. 101
Stroudsburg, PA 18360


(570) 424-0408
(888) 378-1829 (F)

Number of Students:

~35 active, some additional part-time student/athletes/musicians

Types of Classes:

Tiny Tiger and Little Dragon classes for children ~3-7 years old; traditional Tang Soo Do classes for youth and adults; seminars and outreach classes in Ki Gong, balance and movement awareness, self defense


Web Site:

History of the School:

Master Randall Kuehner’s move to Virginia in 2003 sparked Rising Phoenix’s birth. Ms. Heise formed the studio with the support of some other dan members who shared teaching duties in the early years. As with the mythology of the phoenix, Rising Phoenix has had opportunities to grow cyclically with students joining, growing, and moving on to other opportunities in martial arts and beyond. Rising Phoenix initially remained in the small town of Sciota, first renovating the original dojang and in 2006 another studio a short distance away. In 2013, Rising Phoenix relocated to Stroudsburg.
Ms. Heise and her students are grateful for the contribution and mentoring of many local, regional, and distant World Tang Soo Do Association instructors and masters and other wellness and business professionals who have helped our studio mature and maintain a focus on “constant and never-ending improvement.”

History of the Chief Instructor:

Ms. Heise was introduced to Tang Soo Do in 1991 through 2 semesters of a self defense for women course at the University of Scranton. While she was appreciative for Mrs. Schreiber's dedication and enthusiasm at the time, she did not realize until later how passion infused in teaching makes a significant imprint on a student.
Although the spark was lit, she did not begin training again until she was looking for an alternative to taking fitness classes when she moved to the Poconos. One of the “Enter the Mysterious World…” posters was hanging in the local Post Office - with that she began training at Pocono Tang Soo Do under Mr. Thomas Sekula and Master Thomas Richards in 1997. At Orange Belt she was granted permission

to train additional days at Kuehner’s Martial Arts Institute under Master Randall Kuehner. She received her first Dan in 2000 and continued training under Master Kuehner until his move to Region 7.
She has enjoyed participating in and working regional clinics and tournaments and traveling to train with Tang Soo Do friends near and far. Training at Warrior’s Path and the Guard amongst other opportunities have continued to fuel her passion and growth.
While a gup she was introduced to Tai Chi and Ki Gong through local seminars and continued self study and training at seminars and World Ki Gong clinics, including the first in Philadelphia and early clinics on the East Coast. She is also a certified ChiforCaring instructor working with seniors to maintain their mobility and balance.

What makes your studio stand out from the rest:

Rising Phoenix encourages students not only to appreciate their and others’ unique characteristics, but also to look for opportunities to contribute to the benefit of the larger group, e.g. their dojang, workplace, civic group, community. Respect for oneself and others, accountability for one’s words and actions, dynamic balance, and integrity are key character traits reinforced in our classes. Recognizing that each individual’s goals and journey are unique, our studio motto is “Identify, explore, and grow ~ be a better you!”
Tang Soo Do classes engage people from all walks of life, offering challenges that foster growth and reinforcing concepts that may be applied to many situations. It is awesome to see students make those connections and demonstrate um-yang balance in their excellence as scholars, musicians, athletes, volunteer emergency personnel, et al.

Student Testimonials:

“Rising Phoenix has been a part of our lives for the past four years. Our three children have very different personalities, strengths and areas of needing improvement. Ms. Heise has adapted her techniques to their specific needs, whether it is working with our daughter on her confidence or containing the energy of the boys (twins, 9 yrs, 5th Gup)! We all look forward to class and cannot wait for the upcoming years!”
~ The Brinker Family

“Since beginning Tang Soo Do, Jack (9 yrs, 6th Gup) has gained a better awareness of self…both physically and emotionally. He has better self-esteem and has more body awareness than he had before Tang Soo Do training. As parents, we believe this is one activity, unlike traditional sports, that will stick with him for a lifetime and has been valuable to our reinforcement of being a positive, contributing member of our society. We appreciate the time, energy and support Ms. Heise and her class instructors put in to making this an experience unique to Jack’s strengths and needs.”
~ The Nonnemacher Family

“Our son John has grown up in Rising Phoenix. In addition to learning self defense, he is learning discipline, leadership, and self control as part of his Tang Soo Do training. We feel that this training is giving John discipline in other areas of his life. He does well in school, plays music, and is well coordinated-all we feel are a result of his early start in Tang Soo Do. We feel Rising Phoenix is a positive force in our son's life. We have high regard for Ms Heise, and look forward to John's future achievements. ”
~ The Melchiori family

“Tang Soo Do at Rising Phoenix has helped me learn how to protect myself and has made me physically fit.”
~ John Melchiori, 10 yrs, 3rd Gup

“Tang Soo Do helps condition Drew (14 ys, 6th Gup) and strengthen his core muscles, which aid him in ice hockey, his favorite sport. He is more balanced and confident both physically and mentally. Kate (10 yrs, 6th Gup) enjoys kicking and learning new forms.”
~ Mrs. Lenway

“It is a reason to be active, helping to knock away the cobwebs from a day at work. Tang Soo Do training provides the opportunity to keep improving my strength, speed, stamina, flexibility, etc. instead of slowing down. The extra added reward is the satisfaction that comes from helping the younger students to improve their Tang Soo Do skills while helping them develop themselves into positive members of society."
~ William (Bubba) Howenstine, 51 yrs, Cho Dan

"I have been training at Rising Phoenix for 9 years. It is a great studio for anyone of any age. I have always enjoyed going to class to learn and practice Tang Soo Do. Everyone at the dojang is kind and supportive; we all work together as a team. Tang Soo Do has taught me many important skills and lessons physically, mentally, and morally. It is an art that encompasses everything and Rising Phoenix is a wonderful studio to learn it in.”
~ Michelle Joyce, 15 yrs, E Dan

"Rising Phoenix has provided my family (David, 14 yrs, Cho Dan and Alicia, 12 yrs, Cho Dan Bo) a safe and fun avenue for balance, fitness, personal development and self defense training."
~ Jason Witcraft, 42 years, E Dan