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Grandmaster Jae Chul Shin
(December 20, 1936 - July 9, 2012)

Robert E. Beaudoin


Studio of the Month

September   2012

Starworld Martial Arts Academy of Goodyear (SWMA)

Chief Instructor:

Senior Master Johnny R. Williamson

Other Instructors:

David Boeckman, Sam Dan; Steven Thomas, Sam Dan; Shay Williamson, Cho Dan


13235B West Thomas Road, Goodyear, AZ 85395


(623) 535-0053

Number of Students:


Types of Classes:

Traditional TSD
Tiny Tigers
Little Dragons
Adults and College


Web Site:

Our History:

Starworld Martial Arts Academy of Goodyear (SWMA), commonly known as Starworld Goodyear, was founded in 2011 by Senior Master Johnny R. Williamson. SWMA is located 2 miles west of Phoenix Arizona in the City of Goodyear, Arizona. SWMA is the newest Region 2 studio, having opened its doors one year ago, on June 1, 2011 with 25 students. Today there are over 100 active students. SWMA is the second largest studio in Arizona under the name of “Starworld” founded by Master Williamson in 1988 while stationed in Germany. The largest is Starworld AMAF, located in Sierra Vista, Arizona.

History of the Chief Instructor:

Master Williamson first studied the art of Tang Soo Do in 1984, under Master Vance Britt at “Star” Karate from which the name Starworld was created. Several years ago, Master Williamson entrusted the formal duties of Chief Instructor at Starworld Martial Arts Academy to Mr. David Boeckman, Sam Dan. Mr. Boeckman is a native a Korea and moved to the United States when he was 14. Having grown up in Korea, martial arts were as common as baseball and basketball are to children here in the US. Mr. Boeckman had already begun his study of martial arts, so when he came to the US, he felt right at home. He walked in to Master Williamson’s Tang Soo Do dojang in Sierra Vista, Arizona and received his first Dan several years later. Today, at age 27, he operates the Goodyear dojang full time, along with the Program Director and Chief Instructor of the Tiny Tots program, Ms. MoShay Williamson, Cho Dan. Ms. Williamson recently won the 2012 World Tang Soo Do Grand Championship Cup in the Female Adult Black Belt division. Together, Mr. Boeckman and Ms. Williamson are spreading Tang Soo Do all over the west valley of Phoenix, AZ.

What makes your studio stand out from the rest:

Quality instruction is provided at Starworld Goodyear through our two fulltime and three part-time professionally trained certified black belt instructors. The instruction at Starworld Goodyear is based on a curriculum that includes helping students grow physically, socially, and emotionally, with a strong emphasis placed on cooperation and leadership skills. First is Mr. David Boeckman, Chief Instructor, who currently holds the rank of 3rd Dan. Mr. Boeckman was born in Korea and studied with Master Williamson at Starworld beginning in1999, the year he came to America. Second, there is Ms. MoShay Williamson, currently holding the rank of 1st Dan. Ms. Williamson is the daughter of Master Williamson and serves as Chief of Programs Director, Chief Instructor of the Tiny Tiger/Little Dragon Program and Assistant Chief Instructor to Mr. Boeckman. Finally, there are three part-time instructors, Mr. Steven Thomas and Mr. and Mrs. Ian Larson, who all currently hold the rank of 3rd Dan. Each is either working towards a degree in higher education or working a full time job. Starworld Goodyear is proud to have staff that is dedicated to teaching not simply the martial arts, but the tenets of personal excellence that exemplify Grand Master Shin’s vision. “We Wear Our Belts Around Our Hearts”- Grand Master Shin.


Student Testimonials:

“Tang Soo Do is important to me. I love practicing and learning the art form. I enjoy and look forward to attending class every week. I love the family environment of my class. Tang Soo Do has become an important part of my life because it has taught me humbleness, respect, and character. All of these are important to the job that I have. The self-defense is also an essential part of my career. I have used it more than three times on the job now. Working as a deputy in a jail on the reservation can be challenging at times, so it is nice to know how to handle an individual or confrontation. We have defensive training once a year for one week. Of course this is not enough for us to retain anything not completed daily. I enjoy training weekly in Tang Soo Do with my family. It is nice to have someone to practice with at home if needed. Also one of my good friends that I work with has joined so we often talk at work about forms, one steps, and self-defense. Tang Soo Do is the perfect fit for my life.”
~ Tiffany Ferguson

“Before I started Martial Arts at Starworld I was bullied a lot at school in fourth grade. I have attended Martial Arts at Starworld for the last 2 years. I have not been bullied the last 2 years in 5th and 6th grade. I have learned how to protect myself. I protect myself by using my words, self-defense, and knowing that I can tell an adult. I am doing better in school. I have to work hard to learn new forms and movements to make sure my body moves the right way. I enjoy being picked up in the van and attending the after-school program. I have met new friends from other schools that attend the after school program.”
~Daniel Barry

“Tang Soo Do changed my life a lot. I was always scared and worried when I had to go up in front of any class and speak, or if I had to preform or complete at meets. Now ever since I joined Tang Soo Do I am not afraid anymore. The World Tang Soo Do Association really made me feel – well, let’s just say AWESOME! Also I used to be bullied a lot when I was about 4-6 years old. I always thought I was picked on because I wasn't tall like everyone else or the other kids didn't like me. It could have been because I was too nice. When I was only 7 years old that all stopped. Then it started again when I was 9 years old. Let me just say I had a hard time. Then I joined Starworld and it stopped, I want it to stay like that. Now I’m not scared or bullied anymore, and I like that. I think everyone there at Starworld really likes me and whoever is reading this I think is AMAZING!”
~ Alexis Krogstie

“Tang Soo Do has taught my children the concept of confidence and courage. Starworld has positive attitudes and personalities. Tang Soo Do has a distinct advantage over team sports, and that is that every child can participate. Jayden and Javion's grades have improved since they have been in Tang Soo Do. The physical benefits for my children training in Tang Soo Do are numerous. The demands of a normal class require the students to perform intricate coordinated movements using the entire body. It has develops muscle tone, strength, flexibility, and balance. Jayden and Javion’s neurological development is still occurring, so by demanding more through martial arts training, the nervous system's development is improved. Tang Soo Do training has helped my children improve upon their weaknesses and improve upon their strengths. Thanks for everything”!
~ Mrs. Bolden