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Grandmaster Jae Chul Shin
(December 20, 1936 - July 9, 2012)

Robert E. Beaudoin


Studio of the Month

August   2014

Carolina Shin Karate          

"Expect the Best!"

Chief Instructor:

Carole Yoder, Sam Dan

Other Instructors:

Tony Yoder, E Dan


WTSDA World Headquarters
2436 W. Hanford Road, Burlington, NC 27215


(336) 221-9001

Number of Students:


Types of Classes:

Tiny Tigers/Little Dragons, Beginners, Advanced,
Black Belts; Youth, Adult and Family Classes


Web Site:

History of the School:

Founded in 2012 with the completion of Phase 1 of the WTSDA World Headquarters in Burlington, NC. Carolina Shin Karate has gone through several phases of transition with various instructors, but is moving forward in growth and stability with the arrival of Mrs. Yoder (as of March 2014 when she accepted the position of Chief Instructor)

History of the Chief Instructor:

Carole Yoder joined the WTSDA in 1995 after a college friend invited her to try martial arts with her in a local studio on the east coast of Florida (Seacrest Tang Soo Do) and has been with the Association ever since. Now a third degree black belt, she has over 10 years of instructing experience. Mrs. Yoder appreciates the needs of children and enjoys the rewards of helping students learn life skills such as discipline, respect for others, confidence, focus and exercise. "Seeing the students succeed in life and forming relationships with the families is one of the best parts of training with the World Tang Soo Do Association. As part of a family friendly organization, Mrs. Yoder enjoys training with her own family and encourages whole families to try something new together. "With the support and encouragement of family members, students, both children and adults, improve, succeed and gain confidence in all areas of life." Mrs. Yoder's strengths include teaching women and children, training with technical excellence, and tournament and test preparation. Mrs. Yoder has proven these strengths through her accomplishments, including winning several Grand Champion Cups at both the Regional and World Championship levels, including the Senior Women's Black Belt Grand Champion Cup at the 2014 World Championships.

What makes your studio stand out from the rest:

Carolina Shin Karate is proud to offer traditional Tang Soo Do training based on a long standing martial arts heritage, in addition to helping students succeed in life situations through character development. Also, because our studio is located in the World Headquarters, our students have the privilege of training with a variety of Masters and Instructors from around the world. We believe in the importance of the family, so we offer a family friendly environment which balances the different aspects of fun and camaraderie with technical excellence and traditional teaching. This combination of superior instruction, an international affiliation and a support system for whole families makes Carolina Shin a truly unique martial arts training facility. You can expect the best at Carolina Shin Karate!

Student Testimonials:

Favorite saying: "At Carolina Shin Karate, we make better people, not just better martial artists!"

"I find it fascinating how... When I first joined Carolina Shin, I was scared of the fellow other new recruits. An orange belt later, and they're like a family I didn't have. They are... Possibly the silliest people I've met so far. They're very skillful, to say the least. The same goes to my... very funny, and also very talented instructor, and even the higher ranks. I don't know how to spell his name, but I know it's pronounced "Grey" or "Gray" same difference, right? And there's more than just him. Either way... pretty much, the whole Tang Soo Do Association feels like family, and Carolina Shin especially. My self confidence just bursted sky high in the process of obtaining orange belt, and really it was all because of the people who complimented me and urged me to climb this big metaphorical hill... Mountain... Great canyon wall. So... Yaaay! :-) Thank you guys for all the support, motivation, and the hiking boots to climb the grand canyon wall! XD"
~ Hannah Isley Orange Belt Age 14

“Carolina Shin Karate is my chosen studio because of the welcoming atmosphere of the staff and their clients. It is a very supportive environment encouraging all to participate at their own level and strength capability. I’m learning that this discipline is possible for me and I appreciate the commitment Carolina Shin Karate has made to the Alamance Community promoting health and wellness ”
~ Susan Watson White Belt Age 58

“I have been training at Carolina Shin Karate since April, and have loved every minute! Mrs. Yoder is a wonderful teacher who makes sure her students are informed about the correct techniques, yet without being overbearing. She works well with kids and adults alike. Classes are professional and fun at the same time. Friendships formed in the classroom carry over outside of the classroom. I look forward to each class!”
~ Jennifer Cardwel, 8th Gup (Orange Belt), 39 years old

“My family and I have been training at Carolina Shin Karate since April and the whole group—all seven of us—looks forward to every class. Mrs. Yoder is an incredible instructor, able to keep the attention of kids and adults and make it fun and interesting for all of us. We are very privileged to train at World Headquarters where we are able to have classes from time to time with visiting masters who share their years of experience. I am very thankful for the family atmosphere of Carolina Shin as well as the WTSDA. I look forward to many years of training. Tang Soo!”
~ Reid Cardwell, , 8th Gup, 44 years old.

I enjoy the training and exercise I get from each class, along with the core philosophy in the art of Tang Soo Do. It gives you focus and concentration skills a person needs in everyday life. It demands a personal commitment and hard work to become successful in the art. Unlike other local martial arts studios you are not given rank advancements for attendance or just because you paid for it. Our instructor Mrs. Carole Yoder does an outstanding job of teaching the classes and making sure we understand what is expected of us and how to perform each move and stance properly. Our class is like one big family, we all help out in class, and give each other tips and advice to make sure we are all on the same page when training. I absolutely love having my wife and daughter train with me as well, there is no better way to have quality family time than learning the art of Tang Soo Do, and building our family values together. Overall we had many choices in our area for martial arts training, but when it came down to it Tang Soo Do at Carolina Shin Karate was the only real choice for the best training, best studio, and the very best instructor any one could ask for."
~ Robert Isley, 8th Gup Orange Belt, 43