The World Tang Soo Do Association

A True "World" Organization


Grandmaster Jae Chul Shin
(December 20, 1936 - July 9, 2012)

Robert E. Beaudoin


Studio of the Month

August   2013

South African Tang Soo Do Academy (SATSD)

Chief Instructor:

Master Veronica A. Amorim

Other Instructors:

Anél Naudé – E Dan
Nick Naudé – Cho Dan
Marius Neveling – E Dan
Brandon Gainsford – Cho Dan
Stephanus Koekemoer – E Dan


Cnr Bosch & Heefer Street
Block C, Unit 2
North West Province, South Africa
0299 (-25.66708; 27.25993)


Studio Number: +27 14 596 5326
Master Amorim: +27 74 296 4421
Fax Number: +27 86 760 8381

Number of Students:

70 to 80 at the Academy
& 100 to 120 in the Bojanala District.

Square Footage of Studio:

135 m² or 1453 Ft²

Types of Classes:

Beginner Classes
World Karate Kids
Family Classes
Gup Intermediate &/ Advanced
Dan Clinics
Self Defense Workshops
Youth Leadership Weapons
Adult Sword Classes
Ki-Gong Classes


Web Site:

Our History:

South African Tang Soo Do Academy
(Front view of the studio)

The first WTSDA studio in South Africa (Sincerity Dojang) was established under the guidance of Master Adriaan Blignaut, in the late 1980’s. Unfortunately, in 1996, Master Blignaut passed away in a car accident travelling to one of his various schools. The Association in South Africa suffered a serious setback due to this. The SATSD Academy is still a young studio that started at the end of 2006. Grandmaster Jae Chul Shin challenged us to obtain a permanent venue, creating a stable base for South African Tang Soo Do from which it could grow. The challenge wasn’t easy, especially dealing with the unstable economy in the country. Finally, on the 26th of July 2012, we were able to meet his challenge! The students of the SATSD Academy relocated to their proud new home. One year later, on July 2013, we are celebrating a successful year of growth, achievement and Tang Soo Spirit!

History of the Chief Instructor:

Master Amorim was born in Rustenburg, South Africa. She started her martial arts career within the World Tang Soo Do Association in 1989 under Master Adriaan Blignaut. She received her 1st Dan in 1993, 2nd Dan in 1995 and 3rd Dan in 1998. In 2012 she felt very blessed to be promoted to Master rank. Besides her Tang Soo Do training, Master Amorim also expanded her studies into other martial arts such as Tae Kwon Do, Kick-boxing and Ken & Ian Jujitsu. Master Amorim spent time studying Marketing and Public Relations; recently she finished her accounting qualifications too. All of these different areas have helped her develop South African Tang Soo Do. In her teachings, she focuses on child development; her Master’s thesis was based on “The ABC’s of Teaching Kids Karate, A Guide to help New Instructors”. The writing was tailored to give new instructors the confidence and expertise in teaching Kids Karate which in turn would help her goal in growing WTSDA in South Africa. She will never forget the day she first met Grandmaster Shin, back in early 1991. “I was one of those many youth of the Association that sat on Grandmaster Shin’s lap at brown belt level. I felt so special and loved.” Grandmaster Shin became a permanent figure in Master Amorim’s life, being privileged to train with him almost every year since, during his trips to Region 14, Africa. In 1994 Tang Soo Do and the World Association were truly imprinted in her heart, when she attended her first World Championship; during this time she received her National Springbok Colours for Korean Martial Arts (National Recognition Colours). On numerous occasions, she had been the South African Female Grand Champion Cup winner, as well as 3 times African Female Grand Champion cup winner. In the late 1990’s there where three senior Masters who impacted her Tang Soo Do career while on their visits to South Africa; Master Mujihad Khan from the U.K., Master William Strong, and Master John Godwin of the USA. To this day, training with them is still just as dynamic and inspiring to her. Over the last couple of years Master Sharpe and Master Hutchinson have been great mentors in her Tang Soo Do training as well. Teaching Tang Soo Do is her passion. Currently she is appointed as the RSA State Director for the association. “I truly believe that I’m blessed being part of the best association in the world, were true virtues and traditions are still alive. I will keep striving to grow the World Tang Soo Do Association in South Africa.” Master Amorim has one very strong belief - “Once World Tang Soo – Always World Tang Soo!”

Intermediate / Advanced Classes

Youth Leadership Weapons Class

What makes your studio stand out from the rest:

“With Heart We Stand”, translated into Korean as Jin Shim Ro, is the studio motto. Grandmaster Shin gave us the translation. South Africa has around 11 national languages; however, the lingual gap is breached by embracing the WTSDA Terminology. We present, as a bonus, with the help of our students, Corporate- and Family-orientated Self Defense Workshops, various bush campouts, fun days and spirit-building team competitions, as well as specially-tailored karate kids’ programs and youth leadership weapons classes.

World Karate Kids

Studio Bush Camp Outs

Student Testimonials:

“I joined World Tang Soo Do in March 2010 and have felt part of the family since day one. They welcomed me with a warm embrace and I felt right at home. As the months have gone by, I realize more and more the true value of friendship, teamwork and spirit. South African Tang Soo Do Academy gave me such a life changing experience, teaching me many different aspects to Korean Martial arts. Not only is it a sport but a true World Organization which influences a person on a much deeper level. To me it is not just a sport, but a whole new lifestyle. As the studio grew over the years, the friendships grew stronger, adding a new family member day by day. The amazing atmosphere at championships cannot be described with words. It is something everyone has to experience for themselves. The spirits are high and every student and parent walks away after an amazing day, with a smile on their faces. I have learned that success can be achieved by doing hard work and having fun at the same time. Master Amorim taught me the values of being a better person and I have no doubt that I will always be a member of World Tang Soo Do Association.”
~ Melinda Marais, 22 years – 3rd Gup

Adult Sword Classes

South African Tang Soo Do Academy (Inside)

“We started our martial arts training when we were very young (by standards those days) in 1991. Master Adriaan Blignaut, or Oom Adriaan (Uncle Adriaan) as we called him in those days, was the chief instructor. I was young, but I still remember the devotion the instructors showed in those days. Sadly, due to circumstances, we stopped training two years later (when I was green belt). After 13 years, the yearning came back. We got into contact with Master Amorim, in late 2006. We were on our way to her studio, my sister and I, and we were nervous. We didn’t know what to expect. When we arrived, we were awed. A full studio (although tiny), complete with training equipment, mats, flags, you name it. We were truly impressed. And then Master Amorim arrived, in full uniform, to give class to just two students. I realize now that it was a gamble, because two random students could have just pitched up, wasted her time, and then left two months later realizing that Martial Arts were not for them. But her devotion was truly inspiring. Years later, after our black belt test, we found out that she set up the studio the night before-hand, after she received our e-mail and contacted us telephonically. I am truly thankful to Master Amorim for showing such devotion, to the Art, her students and her studio. She is truly an asset to the World Tang Soo Do Association. Thanks to her efforts, we are celebrating our first year in the new professional and permanent studio!”
~ Anél Naudé, 25 years – E Dan & Nick Naudé, 29 years – Cho Dan; from the Naudé Family – first two students of South African Tang Soo Do Academy

“Our two boys, Thati (12yrs old) and Khotso (6yrs old) have been training in this studio for a few years now. The training has been the best thing for them . Both have been striving for discipline and accountability. They have become responsible young men. Our youngest boy, Mohau (22 months old) can’t wait to join the big brothers. He learned a few moves/ forms while attending some of their tournaments! We would definitely recommend this to other parents.”
~ Josephine & Mike Mabaso

“As a parent with a son and daughter attending classes at the Tang Soo do Studio Rustenburg, I’d like to express what being part of the studio means to me. The training is more than just discipline, learning techniques, how to kick, punch and self-defense. It is also the lessons of endurance and awareness, to understand your impact within the bigger scheme of life. How, “what I say and do” influence life around me and how I can change situations by my behaviour. Thank you Master Amorim for your Patience with our children, and not giving up on them!”
~ Leentjie Strydom

“Ons hou van Tang Soo Do want dit bring ons by mekaar. Die meeste wat ons van hou is as ons sukkel hier en daar, sal Master Amorim ons help! As sy ‘n grap maak lag ons almal saam, dan gaan ons aan met werk. Master Amorim is baie gaaf. Hoekom ek en my familie graag Tang Soo Do toe wil gaan is om fiks to word en ons leer hoe om skoppe te doen. Tang Soo Do is die beste want ons sien ons vriende.”
~ Celeste, Maliska and Hayley Norman Sisters

“Tang Soo Do has been a great experience for me and for my kids. Being able to see how they participate in class and all the different skills and techniques they have learned so far. Seeing them having more self confidence and trust in themselves as well as others, in both class and their daily lives, has been great. Classes are always very fun and stimulating. The instructors help each and every individual; there is definitely a two-way communication relationship with the instructor and students. It’s not only about training, and Tang Soo Do. It’s about true interest being shown to all students, it is a family!”
~ Gerhard Fourie, Father of Garreth, Kaytlin and Cassidy Blue Fourie

“I am happy to be a part of SATSD Academy Family. One of the aspects I learnt in life from the studio is to be humble and to stay calm in certain situations, controlling my emotions has been a challenge for me, but during my training , I have learnt to control certain situations.”
~ Vincent Moremedi, 19 years - 10th Gup

“I like training in Tang Soo Do for self-defense purposes. Most importantly the training helps me stay away from trouble on the streets. I spend a lot of time at the studio instead of being exposed to all the bad challenges that I would normally be exposed to. We don’t just focus on physical techniques, but rather on topics of trust, humanity, righteousness and brotherhood.”
~ Tshepo Morweng. 19 years – 8th Gup

“I wake up in the morning, having the joy of knowing that I’m going to Tang Soo Do. I try to make the best of school, just so that I can arrive at training class and give my all. At South African Tang Soo Do Academy I can be myself. Having fun and being able to laugh. Master Amorim is always there to listen to my problems. Master Amorim and the rest of the Tang Soo Do family are the ones that make training so special. Tang Soo!”
~ Skylee Neveling, 11 years – 4th Gup