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Grandmaster Jae Chul Shin
(December 20, 1936 - July 9, 2012)

Robert E. Beaudoin


Studio of the Month

July   2012

Evergreen Tang Soo Do Academy

Chief Instructor:

Master Steven Elmore, Sah Dan

Other Instructors:

Mr. Robert Nelson, E Dan
Mrs. Tamela Thomas, Cho Dan
Mr. Joe Erickson, Cho Dan
Mr. Jeremy Woods, Cho Dan
Celine McCormick, Cho Dan Bo


2707 California Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98116



Date Opened:


Number of Students:


Types of Classes:

Tiny Tigers & Little Dragons


Web site:

Our History:

Master Elmore started Evergreen Tang Soo Do in the fall of 2004 at the West Seattle YMCA. That program quickly grew to approximately 40 students and in the fall of 2007, Evergreen Tang Soo Do moved into a commercial space. The commercial studio has steadily grown since then to its current active student count of 208. In 2011,

Evergreen Tang Soo Do hosted the Region 1 Championships for the first time in the Seattle area.

Due the demands of running a commercial studio, the West Seattle YMCA Tang Soo Do program was taken over by Master Mark Taylor in 2009 and renamed Puget Sound Tang Soo Do. Evergreen Tang Soo Do and its students have earned several award including the 2008 and 2010 Senior Female Gup World Champion, 2012 Senior Male Dan Region 1 Grand Champion, 2012 Senior Female Dan Region 1 Grand Champion, and 2011 Region 1 Studio of the Year.

History of the Chief Instructor:

Master Steven Elmore started training in Tang Soo Do in 1988 under Master Michael Romines in Livonia, MI.  He earned the rank of E Dan under Master Romines in the All American Tang Soo Do Association and trained under him until 1997 when Master Romines retired and passed the instruction of his schools on to Master Matt Ochs.  Around that time the schools under Master Ochs transferred to the World Tang Soo Association.  Master Elmore continued training under Master Ochs and tested for Sam Dan in 1999. He then began working for Master Ochs as the chief instructor of Grand Tradition Martial Arts in Swartz Creek, MI (near Flint, MI) and continued working there while attending college at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor

Master Elmore earned a BS in Aerospace Engineering in 2002 and opened his own branch of Grand Tradition Martial Arts in Plymouth, MI while attending graduate school at the University of Michigan.  In 2004 he was the first person to win the Region 5 Scholarship award.  He then was offered a job with Boeing in Seattle shortly after earning his MS in Mechanical Engineering in 2004.  He worked for Boeing as an Aerodynamics Stability and Control Engineer and quit in the fall of 2008 to run his studio full time, the same year he earned his Sah Dan rank.  He continues to run his studio which is the largest in Region 1 and one of the largest studios in the WTSDA.


What makes your studio stand out from the rest:

Our studio is very family oriented. Over half of all our students have a sibling, parent, or other family member involved. We do several events throughout the year to bring our students closer, such as picnics, cookouts, parties, free seminars, fund raisers, etc. Our students and instructors genuinely care about one another like their own families. We also give back to our students and the rest of the community through fund raisers, free community events, and various community services.

Student Testimonials:

“We got our son into karate at an early age to help him learn self-control. We wanted him to be able to learn to control his temper when he got angry and learn more productive ways to deal with disagreements and conflicts. What we didn't expect was how much our whole family would benefit from his joining Evergreen Tang Soo Do Academy. Not only is he learning self-control, his focus at school is much improved and he has become more respectful to others. In addition, seeing his growth has inspired his father, mother and sister to join as well. Nowadays, with so many influences pulling our kids away from us, as parents we are thankful to Master Elmore and Tang Soo Do for providing us with something positive we can do together. Studying at Evergreen has not only strengthened our minds and bodies, it has strengthened our family."  

-The Woods Family:  Heidi Cho Dan Bo, Jeremy Cho Dan, Chase 10 years old Cho Dan Bo, and Sydney 15 years old Cho Dan Bo

“Four years ago, Ben wanted to enroll in karate to learn to kick, punch and scream “HI-YA!” without getting in trouble. My husband and I agreed to it because we wanted help with his “busy” nature. These expectations were met and exceeded by Tang Soo Do and Master Elmore. Every class, Ben experiences the power of trying his best and never giving up. Though only 8 years old, Ben taps into these powerful lessons which help him keep his chin up, especially during some serious struggles with school and friends. Ben walks a little taller wearing his do bohk Thank you, Master Elmore!

-Beth Trigg, parent of Ben Trigg, 10 years old, Cho Dan Bo and Bobby Trigg, 5 years old, Little Dragon

“Evergreen Tang Soo Do is a family oriented facility. I love doing classes with my son but I could still opt for adult only classes if I wanted to. Master Elmore is the consummate professional ensuring that the needs of our broad demographic and varying abilities at the dojang are met. His wonderful combination of patience, excellence, and humor make the studio a wonderful place to have fun, get in shape, challenge one’s self and make new friends. Thanks so much for recognizing what we've known here in Seattle for quite some time--we are very fortunate indeed to have Master Elmore's tutelage.”

-Tamela Thomas, 51 years old, Cho Dan, parent of Tug McDonald, 14 years old, Cho Dan

“Master Elmore and Evergreen Tang Soo Do has provided us with a place where children and adults can come together and learn skills that go far beyond just being physically fit While it has been a joy to watch my nearly 7 year old son grow stronger and become more agile, it has been more rewarding to see the lifelong skills being encouraged and expected on a regular basis; integrity, perseverance, and humility to name a few. A community of support and respect is what we have found at Evergreen Tang Soo Do.”

-Grace Bennett, parent of Henry Bennett-Curtin, 8 years old, Red Belt