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Grandmaster Jae Chul Shin
(December 20, 1936 - July 9, 2012)

Robert E. Beaudoin


Studio of the Month

June   2013

Sawtry & Glatton WTSD

Chief Instructor:

Samuel Hazelden Sam Dan

Other Instructors:

Helen Robbins – E Dan.
Lucy Williamson – Cho Dan


Tuesdays: Glatton Village Hall
High Haden Road
Glatton, Huntingdon, Cambs
PE28 5RU
Thursdays: Sawtry Leisure Centre
Green End Road
Sawtry, Huntingdon, Cambs
PE28 5UY



Number of Students:


Types of Classes:

Tiny Tigers
Traditional Tang Soo Do
Weapons Instruction


Our History:

Sawtry and Glatton WTSD was formed in 1999 and the instructor was Jon Hazelden. Jon Hazelden was the instructor of Sawtry WTSD from 1999-2012. In April 2012 he retired from teaching Sawtry WTSD and Samuel Hazelden became the new Instructor. From 1999-2012 there were two classes a week for Sawtry WTSD which were the Tuesday class 7pm-8.30pm and the Thursday class 7pm-9pm. When Samuel Hazelden became the new instructor in April 2012 he quickly realised that he wanted to open a class for younger children, and in October 2012 he opened the Tiny Tigers club.

History of the Chief Instructor:

Mr. Hazelden has been training in World Tang Soo Do for 15 years, since the age of 5. Originally he trained with Master P. Wiskin at Ramsey & Upwood WTSD until his father Jon Hazelden formed Sawtry and Glatton WTSD in 1999. From then on he trained with his father at Sawtry. Mr. Hazelden was awarded his black belt at the age of 10. In 2010 at the age of 17 he was awarded his 3rd Dan Black Belt. Then in 2012 at the age of 19 he became the Instructor of Sawtry and Glatton WTSD after his father stopped teaching.

What makes your studio stand out from the rest:

One of the reasons the Sawtry Studio stands out is because of the student’s excellent spirit. At testing events, people always know who the Sawtry students are. In addition, the sense of community that is at Sawtry WTSD is very unique; they have a warm and friendly environment which makes it easier for new students to come in to the class and feel welcome and to feel like they are a part of our studio. Mr. Hazelden believes the passion he has towards teaching the class also stands out. He is extremely proud of all his students. For him, there is no better reward than to see his students achieving whether that is earning their next grade or competing in a competition, or seeing an improvement in his students training.

When he gets to award his students their new grades he feels extremely privileged, and he loves that he can have a positive influence in his students lives, and that they feel they can confide in him with problems they have outside of Tang Soo. Unfortunately in 2008 a student from Sawtry WTSD, Alex Gale, who was 10, passed away in a tragic accident. Master Khan was extremely kind in donating a memorial trophy to Sawtry WTSD. Every year at Christmas this memorial trophy is awarded to the student of the year. Every student at the club recognises the importance of this award, and feels privileged and honoured if they are the student that receives this award. By having this memorial trophy the studio is able to keep Alex’s memory and spirit alive within their club.

Student Testimonials:

“I like Tang Soo Do because I can always try my best and I enjoy learning new things. Sir Hazelden makes me work hard and helps me so that I can get better at Tang Soo Do. Sir Hazelden makes Tang Soo Do fun so that we learn better but always reminds me about what I can work on so that I can work towards my next grading. I enjoy the classes at Sawtry and Glatton everybody is friendly and helpful especially the black belts. I want to continue to work hard and make Sir Hazelden happy by becoming a black belt. Then when I am older I can teach Tang Soo Do too like Sir Hazelden.”
~ Taylan Claxton, 6, 6th Gup

“Tang Soo Do makes me feel safe and helps me keep fit. Sir Hazelden is a great teacher and helps me to learn what I need to get to my next belt. I enjoy it because it is fun and I like it. Everyone at Sawtry and Glatton club is kind and helpful. I have made new friends there and also introduced some of my friends to the club because it is so good. Sir Hazelden is always kind and fair and makes sure we are always trying our hardest. He is a good teacher and listens to us if we get stuck. Sir Hazelden does different warm ups so that they are not boring and you never know what exactly you are going to be doing until you are there. Sir Hazelden helps us with our Korean and the other black belts also help us. I want to continue to work hard through all my belts and become a black belt so that I too can help others learn."
~ Ellie Claxton, 9 – 4th Gup

“Tang Soo Do gives me confidence because I could use it if I needed to in self-defence. I also enjoy learning Korean. Tang Soo Do has helped me develop new skills and make new friends. I particularly like our club at Sawtry and Glatton as everybody helps each other and is supportive when you are learning new things. Sir Hazelden uses patterns with us when we are learning techniques to help us remember them, he is good at inventing new ways to teach us so it stays interesting and exciting. I like the pressure of the grading’s and learning to deal with this pressure as I think it will help me to learn how to deal with other things in life. I am proud when I grade and get to move up a belt, I also like making Sir Hazelden proud of me and the rest of our club.”
~Bethany Claxton, 11, 3rd Gup

“Mr Hazelden is a very talented and dedicated instructor, every class is different and well planned out to keep us interested and motivated. I look forward to each class knowing it will be challenging and rewarding, my fitness has improved and Tang Soo Do has helped me gain confidence in all areas of my life. I love the fact I can train alongside my husband and son in such a fun and friendly atmosphere. Mr Hazelden is great with children and an excellent role model for them.”

~Liz Wilson, 35, 1st Gup

“The classes at Sawtry & Glatton have always been a mixture of hard work, fun and learning. Mr Hazelden works hard to make each class interesting and enjoyable while maintaining the true ethos of World Tang Soo Do by inspiring students to be disciplined, structured and methodical. The classes have a wide variety of people and ages and the club has a real sense of community. Students are expected to put in all our effort and push themselves to achieve. Since studying World Tang Soo Do, it has pushed me in ways, both mentally and physically that I thought were not possible. Mr Hazelden has always been supportive of all his students and this is what makes this club such a pleasure to attend. World Tang Soo Do is a fantastic mix of physical conditioning, flexibility, structured techniques and weapons, and combined with its philosophy it is for me a rewarding experience. World Tang Soo Do has made me consider situations in a different way, giving a quiet confidence that only comes from studying a martial art, in ways making me a calmer person.”
~Richard Wilson, 42, 1st Gup

“Sawtry Tang Soo Do is the best and most spirited club that I have trained at, Mr Hazelden is a great and committed instructor and he really enthuses his students, many of whom have trained for a long time. Tang Soo Do is a big part of many people’s lives and is a life changing opportunity, it promotes self confidence, improved fitness, flexibility, endurance, balance and good judgement as well as integrity and loyalty. I feel very proud that I have gained my Black Belt and am working towards my second Dan; I have also enjoyed competing and placing in competitions up to European level.”
~Lucy Williamson, 13, Cho Dan

“I enjoy Mr Hazelden's lessons at Sawtry Tang Soo Do because they are varied but still challenging and they help by targeting all of the areas needed to progress to the next grade. The lessons are good for everyone attending because all students are pushed but not beyond their capabilities. Tang Soo Do is a great way to stay fit and healthy in body and mind, and training has helped me to develop a range of skills such as improved balance, flexibility, strength and coordination.”
~Jack Williamson, 15, Cho Dan Bo