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Grandmaster Jae Chul Shin
(December 20, 1936 - July 9, 2012)

Robert E. Beaudoin


Studio of the Month

April   2014

Yennie Martial Arts of Plainview and Rochester

Chief Instructor:

Tom Yennie , Sam Dan

Other Instructors:

Marilyn Yennie, Cho Dan, Christopher Henderson, 1st Gup, Adam Nienow, 2nd Gup


417 West Broadway
Plainview Mn. 55964 ;
3108 Highway 52 N
Rochester Mn. 55901



Number of Students:


Types of Classes:

Ages 5 thru adults;
beginner classes, advanced classes, special needs classes, TSD, Self-Defense, Leadership program


Web Site:

History of the School:

I opened the Plainview studio in Feb 2010. Prior to this, I have opened and run 3 schools during the years of 1999- 2009. I thought I was burnt out and done teaching in the beginning of 2009, but due to the help of one special student, my nephew and good friend, Shawn Yennie, I got going again. With his help and persistence, I opened up the Plainview location l in 2010.
Plainview has a great community education director and with that assistance, we started our first month with 50 students. More than half of them are still training. I started out renting a community center for our location space, but in May 2013 I finally rented my own building to call our home.
I started the Rochester school in the fall of 2012. This class is run thru the Rochester Adaptive Park and Rec. program. I teach kids and adults with mental and physical disabilities. This class is very rewarding to teach, my own 2 boys, Dylan, age 10, 3rd Gup, and Lucas, age 6, 7th Gup, help me teach the class. The students are really thriving in this class.

History of the Chief Instructor:

I started my training at the age of 27 in 1994, in the Moo Duk Kwan style of Tae Kwon Do/ Tang Soo Do. Early in my training I knew I wanted to become an instructor. I started teaching as a 2nd Gup in 1998. In 1999 as a Cho Dan Bo, my instructor gave my one of his branch schools to take over as my own school. I started with 4 students, 3 of them my own kids. In 2000 I received my Cho Dan. After receiving my E Dan in 2002, the school I took over with 4 students had grown to over 100 students. This was about the time my nephew Shawn started training under me. In 2004 I started another school in another town, with about 50 students to start. In the spring of 2006 I received my Sam Dan. Soon after I handed over my first school to my nephew Shawn, so I could start another school in another little town. In 2007 Shawn had received his Cho Dan and was really growing as an instructor.

At about this time, I began experiencing some differences with my instructor, and began the search for a new one. During this time, I kept training, but in 2008 closed the third location and in 2009, due to personal matters, I gave my second school to one of my students to run. During this time my nephew Shawn was still training and he and my wife Kim eventually talked me in to stepping up my involvement again, as they could see I missed it. I owe my martial arts comeback to them both. Thank you Kim and Shawn!
In 2009 Shawn changed his school name to Yennie Martial Arts and in 2010 he helped me get set up in Plainview, while he was opening another school himself. I joined what he had started with the Yennie Martial Arts, and together we have become stronger. Still in search of a new instructor, we finally found Master Robert Grissom. With Master Grissom’s patience and knowledge, we joined the WTSDA on Jan 1st 2013. My training continues in the hopes of reaching master level with the WTSDA. My whole family does the martial arts with me.

What makes your studio stand out from the rest:

What makes your studio stand out from the rest? We at Yennie Martial Arts try to make each student feel special by being interested in their daily lives and supportive of their families. We promote good grades for the kids and encourage them to be the best they can, not just in the martial arts. We take it very personally when a student decides to quit. I believe we are the only school in the area that teaches special needs students. We also do yearly fund raisers to raise money for cancer research and money for people battling cancer. The adults in the class go above and beyond to set a good example for the younger students, giving them someone they can “look up to”.

Student Testimonials:

“I really like to learn new things, learn Korean, have fun in class, and play games with the big beach ball.”
~Jacob 8, 6th Gup

“I like learning the forms and the discipline of Tang Soo Do, teaching younger students, learning how to defend myself, and really enjoy classes at Yennie Martial Arts.”
~Nicole 12, 4th Gup

“We have noticed since our children have joined Yennie Martial Arts they have learned to concentrate, stay focused on tasks, and have more self control, patience, and self confidence.”
~parents David and Sharlyn

“I like it because it teaches me self defense, how to protect myself, and its fun.”
~Dylan 10, 3rd Gup

“I like sparring, forms, kicking, somersaults, and doing break falls.”
~Lucas 6, 7th Gup

“Mr. Yennie is a great instructor because he cares about his students, the classes are challenging but fun.”
~Kim, adult 7th Gup