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Grandmaster Jae Chul Shin
(December 20, 1936 - July 9, 2012)

Robert E. Beaudoin


Studio of the Month

April   2013

Costa’s Tang Soo Do Karate

Chief Instructor:

Master John V. Costa (Sah Dan Master)

Other Instructors:

Mrs. Roberta Harrison Sam Dan
Mr. Ronald Dauplaise
Mr. James Wahnon E Dan
Dr. Jeannine Audet E Dan
Mr. Steven M. Roseberry E Dan.


376 Nash Road,
New Bedford, Ma. 02745


(508) 979-8111

Number of Students:


Types of Classes:

At Costa’s Tang Soo Do Karate we teach strictly traditional Tang Soo Do.  Our classes our separated by both age and rank and we also offer classes which exclusively focus on Kyuck Pa


Web Site:

Our History:

Costa’s Tang Soo Do Karate has consistently grown since our humble beginnings in 1987 when Master John V. Costa opened his first location in a two stall garage of his home. As the school continued to grow our need for space required that we moved to an 800 square foot location and then later to a 1,200 square foot location. In January of 2013, the staff and students of Costa’s Tang Soo Do Karate were all excited to move into our new home, which is a spacious 2,500 square feet studio.

History of the Chief Instructor:

Master Costa was born in the Cape Verde Island and moved to the United States when he was 11 years old. Master Costa graduated in 1979 from the New Bedford Vocational High School after studying electrical shop and then pursued employment in Wallingford Connecticut. In 1980 while in Connecticut he began training in Tang Soo Do at the Meriden Academy of Karate under two of Grand Master Beaudoin’s Black Belts. He continued his training until the summer of 1982 when he returned to Massachusetts as a green belt. Upon his return to Massachusetts he began training under Master Kwansup Lee and Mr. Silva and earned his Black Belt in 1987. Shortly after this Master Lee decided to close his studio.

At this time Master Costa experimented in other systems but nothing felt right for him. In September of 1987 he bought a home which included a four stall garage which based on his desire to keep Tang Soo Do alive in New Bedford he converted half of his garage into his first dojang. At this time he began teaching children and friends of his family. When his students were ready for their first promotional test he wrote to Grand Master Shin and explained his situation. Two days later Grand Master Shin contacted Master Costa and instructed him to contact Master Vaughan who was living near Springfield, Massachusetts. Master Costa then began traveling two hours each way, twice a week to train under Master Vaughan until he received his Instructor Certification before Master Vaughan’s return to Pennsylvania. During this time period Master Costa reunited with his old friend, Efrain Valentin (now Master Valentin) in Connecticut who was now just opening his first studio.

While continuing his own training, Master Costa’s continued running his school which had grown to the point that in 1994 he was forced to expand to an 800 sq foot location. The school continued to grow and he was again forced in 1996 to relocate to a 1,200 sq foot studio. In December of 2012 he again expanded to his current location, a 2,500 sq foot studio.

At Costa’s Tang Soo Do Karate our goal has always been to help inner city kids achieve their true potential whether it is to graduate from a Vocational High School or College and to build their own families and be an asset to their community.

Costa’s Tang Soo Karate is open Monday-Thursday and Saturday mornings and offers six certified instructors. As well as running his dojang Master Costa also works full time in Massachusetts and Rhode Island as a Senior Field Supervisor with National Grid Utility Co.

Master Costa has been married for almost 30 years to his wonderful wife, Edna and has two beautiful daughters, Shayla, 2nd Dan, 22 years old and Sydney, 1st Dan, age 18.

What makes your studio stand out from the rest:

We believe that families that train together share a common goal which helps brings people closer. As a result of this belief we strive to create a family atmosphere. At Costa’s Tang Soo Do Karate we have had several families in which both parents and their children have worked together to successfully achieve their black belts. Currently at Costa’s Tang Soo Do Karate we have numerous parents training with their children as well as grandparents training with their grandchildren.

Student Testimonials:

We like training in Tang Soo Do because its fun and we have made quite a few friends. Our teachers are really nice and they care about us and help us improve. Tang Soo Do teaches us restraint, self-defense and to never give up even when things are really hard.
~ The Torres-Roseberry Triplets; Logan, Ethan and Emilio age 10. 10th Gup

I love Costa’s Karate because it is a great, well organized school. Everyone is friendly with each other, and the classes are well taught. I have been with this studio ever since I was 5 years old. It is a great school and very much deserves the be Studio of the Month.
~Jos’ee Audet, Age 11, 2nd Gup

Costa’s Karate has taught me all sorts of skills that can be applied not only to the Martial Arts, but to life. I have grown up here and have made many friends along the way. I am lucky to work with such talented martial artists, and I am proud to represent my small but mighty studio.
~Jackie Audet, Age 15, Cho Dan

Costa’s Tang Soo Do has been a part of my life for the past six years.  During my time here I have become part of a close Tang Soo DO family which has taught me how to be more sociable and also a leader.  The discipline had helped me to become more mature in my overall values of life.  I have enjoyed the past six years here at Costa’s Tang Soo Do and look forward for many more years to come. 

~Mr. Steven Rego, Age 21, Cho Dan

When asked what Tang Soo Do means to me, I can answer the question with one simple word, “balance.” As a veteran police officer of twenty years I often encounter people who are hostile, negative and generally untrustworthy. After being constantly exposed to this type of person long enough, police officers can easily develop an “us against them” mentality. While training at Costa’s Tang Soo Do Karate I’m surrounded by positive people who genuinely care about one another and who share the common goal of wishing to improve themselves. This balance is a constant reminder to me that the negative people that I encounter through my work are in fact a minority of the general population. I believe that this sense of balance not only makes me a better police officer, but more importantly a better person, which Grandmaster Shin stated was the true value of Tang Soo Do training.
~Submitted by Mr. Steven M. Roseberry, Age 46, E Dan

One thing I can say Tang Soo Do has done for me, is it has helped me grow as a person. When I started training at Costa’s Karate with Master John Costa, I felt that karate just was not for me. I gave it a try and after about two months I loved it. Now, from that experience I’ve learned to not give up on the things I do, because you never know what the ending result will be. I am currently a 1st Gup at Costa’s Karate and I can not wait to further my training in Tang Soo Do. At Costa’s I feel like I have a second family and I would not change it for the world. I can not wait to continue my training at Costa’s for many more years to come.
~Jordan Feliciano, Age 16, 1st Gup

I like karate because it teaches us self defense. It also teaches us discipline. My favorite reason why I like karate is because of self defense because you learn to block and counter if someone is attacking you. I have learned that you can not hit someone first and that is very important. I also like karate because Master Costa is the best instructor you could ever have. Also all of my friends are there and they are very good at it too. Costa’s Tang Soo Do is the best karate studio that you could ever go to.
~Logan Cabral, Age 11, 3rd Gup

Tang Soo Do is really hard work. It is all about discipline and respect. You really need to work hard to reach your goal of black belt. But it is also really fun. You learn a lot of techniques that are useful for protecting yourself if you needed it. I made a lot of new friends when I joined Master Costa’s studio. It is really fun to practice with my friends, but at the same time we learn respect and discipline. I would not want to join any other studio besides Master Costa’s. He is extremely caring and supportive in anything we want to do in life. Some of his former students come back to help him and this shows the level of respect that they have for him. In Costa’s Tang Soo Do I feel like we are part of the family.
~Catherine Pacheco, Age 12, 2nd Gup