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Grandmaster Jae Chul Shin
(December 20, 1936 - July 9, 2012)

Robert E. Beaudoin


Studio of the Month

March   2014

Red Rock Martial Arts

Chief Instructor:

Skyler D. Gubler, Sam Dan

Other Instructors:

Benjamin Ballard, E Dan
Alan Shaw, E Dan
Hank Jennings, E Dan
June Jennings, Cho Dan
Karen F. Gubler, Cho Dan Bo
Michael Tinnerello, Cho Dan Bo
Dustin Hirschi Cho Dan Bo
Ellie Eves Cho Dan Bo
Callie Wilson Cho Dan Bo


212 North 1000
East Saint George,
Utah 84790



Number of Students:


Types of Classes:

Kids 5-8, Youth 9-12,
Teens and Adults 13+, Creativity, Black Belt and Leadership, and Self-Defense


History of the School:

Red Rock Martial Arts was founded in March of 2010. We opened our doors with one student. We rented our space from a local dance shop. Four years later we currently have 40 students and we are outgrowing our dance space. We are currently looking into renting our own commercial space so we can expand our classes and scheduling.

History of the Chief Instructor:

Mr. Gubler began training at the age of 12 under Master Ross Lindsay in Hurricane, Utah. He instantly fell in love with Tang Soo Do, and thus began their lengthy relationship. “I was terribly uncoordinated when I started,” he said, “but my instructor was patient, caring, and loving. He pushed me to be something I never thought was possible. He saw my potential and helped it come to fruition.” Mr. Gubler studied and practiced hard to get curriculum down and finally made it to the rank of black belt at the age of 16.
From that point on he has strived to better himself through Tang Soo Do, and has a passion to bring the same principles he has learned to his students, creating confident, capable martial artists. “Master Lindsay truly taught me the love of the art, and I seek to bestow the same gift with all those I encounter in teaching. If it weren’t for Tang Soo Do, I don’t know where I would be.”
14 years later, Mr. Gubler is a Sam Dan with plans on continuing his training for life and achieving his master’s belt and beyond. “As long as I can move my body I will train in Tang Soo Do. I love this art and the association. It is a bond that runs as deep as family.”

What makes your studio stand out from the rest:

I have always strived to make my classes focused and hands on. I keep my classes small so students don’t get lost in the mix. I have had many parents tell me after trying out other local karate schools that this is their favorite aspect of red rock. I also have an exceedingly amount of energy and enthusiasm. My classes are always challenging and hard with high energy. On numerous occasions I have had parents tell me that they can see how much I love teaching and helping my students. They can see the passion I have in every class, and they love that about my classes.

Student Testimonials:

“When I think of Mr. Gubler’s instruction at Red Rock Martial Arts, three things come to mind: passion, technical skill, and enthusiasm. Mr. Gubler brings a high level of energy to the studio which is contagious with the students–especially the children. He is a serious instructor with the skill set to match but is not afraid to be lighthearted and fun”
~Alan Shaw E Dan 42

“Tang Soo Do does so much more than build skills in martial arts. Tang Soo Do helps to build character, discipline, respect, determination, and instill integrity and honor.”
~Andrea Agona Mother of 2 children at Red Rock (ages 9, 11)

“I love Red Rock Martial Arts because I can be loud and have fun while learning.”
~Treyven Segler 5, Tiny Tiger

“I like how serious the class is, and I love how we break boards in class and everyone in the class is awesome to practice with.”
~Jake Tatton 17, 10th Gup

“I started Tang Soo Do with my entire family! There are 5 of us. It has been such a rewarding experience so far. Our family time always has Tang Soo Do in it. I am 38 years old and it has been a challenge but after class I always feel so good. I look forward to watching my family progress in this amazing art. I plan to get strong and feel confident in my fighting and self-defense skills.”
~Angie Tatton 38, 10th Gup

“Tang Soo Do and Red Rock Martial Arts has brought some amazing people into my life who have become my family that I know I can count on, including my husband, and the students I train with have become my brothers and sisters. I plan on doing Tang Soo Do at Red Rock until I can’t move anymore, and even then, I will continue to be a huge supporter of Red Rock, because Tang Soo Do isn’t something I do for fun a few nights per week, it is part of who I am.”
~Karen Gubler 25, Cho Dan Bo

“I like Red Rock for the physical fitness. I love kicking. The people in class make it really fun to learn.”
~Bailee Tatton 12, 10th Gup