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Grandmaster Jae Chul Shin
(December 20, 1936 - July 9, 2012)

Robert E. Beaudoin


Studio of the Month

February   2016

Causby Karate Academy

Chief Instructor/Owner:

Mrs. Stephanie Causby

Other Instructors:

Mr. Ben Causby, Sam Dan
Mr. Mike Fan, Cho Dan
Assist Inst:
Mr. Jeff Carreon, Cho Dan
Mrs. Baoding Fan, Cho Dan Bo
Mr. Andre Flood, Cho Dan Bo
Mr. Braxton Reeves, Cho Dan Bo
Mr. Mike Reeves, 1st Gup
Mrs. Terri Cronin, 2nd Gup
Mr. Jeff Auton, 4th Gup
Mr. Bill Cronin, 4th Gup
Mr. Jim Kull, 4th Gup
Mr. Andre Flood, Cho Dan Bo


3634 Business North Hwy 16
Denver, NC 28037



Types of Classes:

Preschool Tang Soo Do
Tiny Tigers & Little Dragon
Youth & Adult Tang Soo Do


Web Site:







History of the School

In 2009, the Causbys began teaching out of their garage twice a week. At that time all of the students lived in the same neighborhood and would walk or ride their bike or scooter to class. After a year, Causby Karate Academy moved into a fitness center and all 6 students experienced training in air-conditioning for the first time. The studio grew and in 2012 the Causbys purchased a building located directly across from a local elementary school and re-modeled it in their spare time when they were not working during the day and teaching classes in the evening. Early in 2013 the Causby Karate students started training in the beautiful new studio that was full of mats, wave masters, and targets to help sharpen their martial art skills. The student population grew, and new programs were introduced to formally train instructors and assistants. After mentoring with other WTSDA Masters, a preschool program was offered for very young children to train Tang Soo Do. In December of 2014, Causby Karate Academy added a second training floor to the school, allowing for two classes to be held at the same time.

History of the Chief Instructor

I began training Tang Soo Do as a young girl in Pennsylvania. I was involved in dance when I was little and a friend invited me to a buddy night at the local martial art school. I loved the class and began training immediately. My father who was a state police office never got to train with me, but always encouraged me and tirelessly drove me to class (and almost always picked me up)!
At some point in my training, my family was not able to afford my karate tuition and my parents told me that I would have to quit training. I remember talking my older brother into giving me his paper route so that I could earn money to pay for karate lessons. Back then in the small town of Bedford, karate tuition was forty dollars a month, plus forty-five dollars to belt test. Delivering papers on my bike every morning in the cold paid me forty-two dollars each month, and my parents said that they would take care of the testing fees. I remember paying for tournament entry fees from money saved up from Christmas or my birthday.
After earning my black belt in high school, I was allowed to accompany other Dan students on a school night to train in Johnstown with another Tang Soo Do school for advanced training. I thought that it was so cool that I was allowed to go train with other black belts and stay out late on a school night! Once I was old enough to drive I was able to help teach the youth classes and train in the adult classes offered at my school.
I left Pennsylvania after graduating from high school and attended college in Raleigh, NC. I trained with the college martial art group for a while and then found a Tang Soo Do Mu Duk Kwan Master that taught out of his home. I began training at his small school, helped teach classes and even helped to open another school in the Raleigh area.
I met my husband Ben at that small Tang Soo Do school in Raleigh, where I taught him and the other white belts side kick, round kick, and front kick. Years after his first lesson, Ben earned his Black belt, graduated from engineering school and proposed. We got married and moved to the Charlotte area where we first met Mr. Eric King and first experienced the World Tang Soo Do Association.
After training with Mr. King for over a year, we made what turned out to be the best decision ever to transfer into the World Tang Soo Do Association. Two years after transferring, we opened Causby Karate Academy as a part time club while Ben worked as an engineer and I worked as an embryologist. Now we both are full time martial art instructors and enjoy teaching and training in Tang Soo Do almost every day.

What makes your studio stand out from the rest:

We go out of our way to make new people feel welcome right when they walk in. The students and instructors have zero ego and appreciate getting to meet and work with other people, regardless of rank or age. Staff members look forward to helping students meet their goals of learning a new technique, earning a stripe, passing a belt test, or figuring out how to deal with the bully on the bus. Our primary focus is to help students define what success is to them, and achieve that through martial art training. Everything that we do is on purpose: the colors on the wall, the programs we offer, the organization of curriculum, the class schedule, and the selection of training equipment used. As students progress they are given the opportunity and training to assist in class, lead classes, or become a studio operator. Participating and sponsoring local events and visiting local elementary schools to give classroom talks and school assemblies allows us to share the benefits of martial arts training with others in our community. Lastly, we are very proud to be members of the World Tang Soo Do Association and take HUGE ADVANTAGE of the wisdom and leadership offered. The list of Masters and chief instructors of the WTSDA that have and continue to mentor us is extensive. We love visiting other regions Dan Camps, attending the WTSDA Business Seminar each year, training at the WTSDA HQs, and visiting other studios around the country.

Student Testimonials:

"Since Luke has been attending Causby Karate I have seen a remarkable growth within him. Not only his performance as a student but in his overall manners. He has an identical twin brother who decided a few years ago that karate was not his sport. So karate with the Causbys has sincerely been like a twin study. CKA definitely benefits Luke in an all-around positive way. His self-control is notable beside his twin brother. He is being taught to endure, follow instructions and he respects his teammates. I like how the program is organized, always starts promptly and each student is treated uniquely. Each student is at different levels and the care and guidance they receive suits each student according to their individual needs. I would most definitely recommend this school to other families. It is a family oriented school and students are excited and look forward to their classes. Classes promote focus and dedication which breeds work ethic. When unsure about certain moves, times or classes or any general questions I may have had, no matter how small, Mr. and Mrs. Causby, staff and instructors have always taken time out to explain and satisfy the answers I have needed. Obstacles; we don't encounter because of the utmost, reachable care of the staff. I have the deepest respect for Mrs. and Mr. Causby and staff. Their dedication to each and every student is remarkable and the time that is put into the school really shows how this school shines. It is wonderful to have a caring school and to see students of all ages propel and help them to be whom they are meant to be. Mrs. and Mr. Causby are incredible role models always demonstrating respect and thoughtfulness toward their students and parents. I am beyond thankful for the guidance and leadership this school provides!!!!!!"
April Patterson, mom of Luke Puntch, 6th gup

"We are often asked why we pull Zander out of daycare in the middle of the day two days a week for an extracurricular activity. We are also asked why we are "pushing" him to do something when he is so young? I cannot expect others to understand because they have not experienced Causby Karate like we have. I do, however, explain to them that karate is something that Zander begs to attend. He looks forward to "karate days." He sees Mrs. and Mr. Causby as a part of our family, and he includes them in his nightly prayers. Mrs. & Mr. Causby both embody that perfect combination of care and discipline which draws children to them. Andrew and I see their work with Zander as a part of his education. To us, it's as important as learning how to read or do math. With the Causbys, he learns discipline, respect, self-control, and how to be a healthy competitor. We pray that karate is a life-long passion of his. Thank you for making out experience so wonderful!"
Ashley Lee, mom of Zander Lee, Grasshopper Green Belt

"Causby Karate Academy has changed my children's life especially Braxton. Braxton came to Causby Karate January of 2012. He was 6 years old, he was a very sensitive child with no self-esteem. From day one another student was starting the same day Braxton started and it has been so cool to see these 2 go through every step together in class and even did every test together up until Cho dan bo because Braxton has broken his arm. This relationship between these two is so healthy and great for each of them as they push each other to the next phase, it has been great to see the Causby's encourage this relationship and push the 2 of them to be better at everything they do. The Causby's have taught self-worth and self-confidence, Braxton is a new child now.. Braxton now is 10 years old and still loves karate to this day. He is in class 8-9 hours a week, he loves helping out with the younger classes and is so happy Causby's gave him the opportunity to help in classes and show he can lead. Thank you to the Causby's for bringing life to my children!!!"
Sunny Reeves, mom of Braxton & Hudson Reeves, Cho Dan Bo & Dragon Yellow Belt