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Grandmaster Jae Chul Shin
(December 20, 1936 - July 9, 2012)

Robert E. Beaudoin


Studio of the Month

February   2015

Northern Tang Soo Do Seychelles           

Chief Instructor:

Mr. James R. Faure, Sam Dan

Other Instructors:

Mastura Shah-Faure, Cho Dan
Rodney Amade, E Dan,
Louis Vidot, Cho Dan,
Joseph Bibi - CDB


We have three schools on the island located at:
The Beau Vallon Community Center
The Roche Caiman Community Center
The International School Seychelles (ISS)


00248-2723319, 00248-2723288

Number of Students:

73 students

Types of Classes:

World Karate Kids Program for kids aged 3 to 8, Gup Program for Juniors and adults, Black Belt Club


History of the School:

In January of 2006, SBN James Faure, a 2nd Dan at the time fulfilled a long time dream of his by starting a Tang Soo Do school at Beau Vallon under the umbrella of the late Seychelles Tang Soo Do.
The same school became the Northern Tang Soo Do in 2009 and despite many obstacles and hard times then, SBN James pushed on and applied for an independent Studio license from the World Tang Soo Do Association (WTSDA) in August of 2011, with much support and guidance from the Regional Director, Master Alex Goule.
That same year, the Northern Tang Soo Do attended the Region 14 WTSDA Championship in Maputo, Mozambique as an independent Studio and returned to Seychelles a week later with 2 gold, 4 silver and 2 Bronze medals, such was a great achievement for this young Studio.
Now three years as an independent Studio we have come a long way, with two more schools opened at the Roche Caiman Community Center since July 2014 and the recent one at the International School Seychelles respectively, but still the journey ahead remains challenging.
Our purpose is to provide both young children and adults with the positive influence of the Tang Soo Do. Our program is a total learning activity that stresses the learning of positive values and good character.
Our goal is to promote better health and fitness through a well rounded, comprehensive martial arts training program for both children and adults in a challenging but non-intimidating learning environment. We are not a school that promotes winning at all cost or at being the best – just performing at your best. We understand that everyone develops and learns at their own pace and we respect that.
At the NTSD everyone has a place regardless of age or gender, what matters most is that you have the will to try and work towards progression.

History of the Chief Instructor:

SBN James is a 3rd Dan Black Belt, a certified and licensed Instructor and Gold Member of the World Tang Soo Do Association (WTSDA) with 23 years of experience as a Martial Artist. He is also owner and Chief Instructor of the Northern Tang Soo Do Studio (NTSD), a school he started in 2004 under the umbrella of the late Seychelles Tang Soo Do. He also serves as the Country Director of the WTSDA in Seychelles since September 2012 and was recently elected Assistant Director of the Technical Board of Region 14 (Africa) by Regional Director, Master Alex Goule.
His journey in Tang Soo Do started at the age of 13 out of sheer curiosity and with the aim of learning how to ‘fight’. After only a few months of training however, all of that changed and so did he! From the young boy who was always caught up in a fight or some other trouble, came one who started to learn about patience and

respect. To this day he always tells his students that Tang Soo Do is what changed him for the better and made him the man he is today. In 2005 he was awarded ‘Best Instructor’ locally and in 2006 he was awarded ‘Instructor of the Year’ at the Regional Championship that was held in Maputo, Mozambique. In 2013 he was also voted ‘Best Coach’ by the Seychelles Karate Federation (SKF) of which he is an Executive Member.
No surprise there given that teaching Tang Soo Do is something he has always loved to do.
SBN especially enjoys working with children, “I enjoy teaching kids. It’s fulfilling to shape lives and personalities. I see it as my responsibility.”
When asked why he continues to train and serve the World Tang Soo Do Association, SBN replies, "It's a part of who I am. I have done it for so long. It's what I know. The WTSDA has the appeal of diversity. My favourite part of Tang Soo Do is meeting people. I like to meet people, to share ideas and learn from each other”.
His vision for NTSD is to see all of his students earn their grading to becoming exemplary future Black Belts of the WTSDA, being successful in their education as well as other aspects of their lives. “I want them all to lead a life following the 5 codes and 7 Tenets as their guides.” SBN also hopes to see the studio grow and become one of the best on the island.
SBN James shares a home in Fairview, La Misere with his wife Mastura who is a 1st Dan Black Belt in Tang Soo Do and his partner in running the Studio, taking care of all the administrative and financial issues. They have 2 sons, Tariq who is 8 years old and Tahsin who is 2. Tariq started being a part of Tang Soo Do since the age of 3; surely Tahsin will follow in the same footsteps. “It’s a family affair. In Tang Soo Do we believe that a family that kicks together sticks together!” he says.
His advice to the youth of today; “you have exactly one life in which to do everything you’ll ever do. Act accordingly.

NTSD Black Belt Team: L to R: SBN James, KSN Rodney, BKSN Mastura, BKSN Louis and CDB Joseph

My Family

What makes your studio stand out from the rest:

We are Tang Soo Do and we follow the teachings of our founder, KCN Jae C. Shin where technique should never be one’s sole achievement in the practice of our art. Being a part of our Studio gives you the opportunity to push yourself and be the best that you can be at your own pace. There is no pressure and we do not tolerate bullying or disrespect of any kind. Everyone; young and old, are allowed to grow into what fits them best as long as they remain respectful and always give their very best. We foster togetherness and encourage brotherhood and sisterhood, something that is much needed in our small country.

Northern Tang

Soo Do students
World Karate Kids Graduation

Student Testimonials:

“I have always been very shy and often lacking in confidence. Through the years that I have been training in Tang Soo Do and with the encouragement of SBN James, I have slowly started to change. As 1st Gup I am often given the task of warming up the class, some years back I would have never thought that I could stand in front of a group of people and teach, let alone speak. Today I can do it and I am feeling confident about my progress. Looking back I realise what I long way I have come and I am now convinced that to keep trying is what makes all the difference. I have found a second family here and they accept me for who I am.”
~ Kevin Domingue, 15 yrs old – 1st Gup

“I love Tang Soo Do, it teaches you many good things like respect and discipline and I also get to make lots of friends. If I work hard I can also win medals and trophies when I compete in the different championships and when I do well during my grading I get promoted to a higher belt each time and that’s really cool!”
~ Che Benoiton, 11 yrs old –6th Gup

“I am a 1st Dan Black Belt of the NTSD and the only student who started training with SBN James since 2006. I really love to practice this art which is why I have actually made it this far. I remain loyal and have great respect for my SBN who is my mentor, as well as my fellow colleagues. I always try to maintain high spirits so as to give the lower ranked students a positive example to follow; for this is where good leadership and the right attitude come in. I am constantly trying to improve and this is all thanks to TSD”
~ Louis Vidot, 24 yrs old – 1st Dan

“Since I have been training Tang Soo Do I have been gaining in confidence, something I didn’t have much of before. I have also become stronger physically. I can now do 20 push-ups easily whilst before training Tang Soo Do I couldn’t do even 1! I was one of the slowest boys in my class and today I am one of the fastest and all this because I am doing Tang Soo Do.”
~ Vishmith Kanumale, - 4th Gup (Bown Belt)

“I am a mother of two young children, a wife and I am employed on a full time basis. More often than not this can make for a rather demanding and tiring recipe and at my age if you’re not careful in handling all the stress and fatigue that comes with these responsibilities, both your physical and mental health can be greatly affected. For me Tang Soo Do is my temple, where I escape for those precious moments of ‘letting it all go’. The physical training we get at the NTSD is fantastic in getting all those wonderful endorphins released and who doesn’t need that right? Theoretically, the teachings of Tang Soo Do help you to embrace the positives of life and allow you to always try to be the best that you can be. Tang Soo Do is a gift to anyone who is willing to go through life with sense and true purpose.”
~ Mastura Shah-Faure, – 1st Dan

”Why Tang Soo Do? I cannot give you a better answer than saying that I chose this art because not only do I long to be a part of a family that accepts me for who I am, despite all my flaws or social standing but also because it helps me to develop and grow into an exemplar person. Not so that I look appealing in the eyes of the social hierarchy, but to make me feel proud of myself for what I can accomplish when I set my mind to it. We are all one once we slip on our dobohks and that is why I chose to study this particular martial art.”
~ Rebecca Chionni, – 9th Gup

”I used to be worried about not being able to defend myself in case I run into trouble, but now that I have started this martial art I feel like a ninja (not kidding!). Tang Soo Do is not just a course of kicking and punching, there is much more to that, it is certainly an indication to self-confidence, calmness, goal achievement and self-esteem. We Tang Soo Do students develop a sense of responsibility; we give respect for others, as well as ourselves. We develop the bravery we need to deal with fears that could possibly hold back our future.”
~ Sophie Perolari, – 9th Gup

”Tang Soo Do remains my favourite after school activity. No lesson is ever the same; SBN James adds a motivating new twist to each lesson which I think inspires each and every student in class. Before starting Tang Soo Do I lacked plenty of confidence, I still do, but slowly and surely it is giving me the confidence I need. Tang Soo Do has also given me the opportunity to meet and interact with new people of different age groups. But out of all the things Tang Soo Do has given me, the most important is discipline. I am very short tempered and impatient, but with Tang Soo Do I have learnt to control my emotions and remain calm.”
~ Tasha-Lee Richemond, – 8th Gup