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Grandmaster Jae Chul Shin
(December 20, 1936 - July 9, 2012)

Robert E. Beaudoin


Studio of the Month

February   2013

Scota Karate Academy, Ltd.

Chief Instructor:

Master Joe Scota
My partner is Mrs. Lisa Scota, Cho Dan

Other Instructors:

Carlos Rodriguez, Sam Dan
Kathy Scully, Sam Dan
Lynn Montgomery, E Dan
Jillian Pruitt, E Dan
Lisa Scota, Cho Dan
David Fender, Cho Dan
Corinne Wickline, Cho Dan
Rachel Mann, Cho Dan


607 Brushy Creek Road,
Taylors, SC 29687


(864) 268-3477

Number of Students:


Types of Classes:

Tiny Tigers,
Beginners all the way through upper ranks


Web Site:

Our History:

The academy began at a local ice skating rink on November 1, 1993. The first night of operation we had four students attending class. We moved to our present location in June of 1998 and for the last fifteen years have been serving the Taylors, Greer and Greenville, SC communities. We are now in our twentieth year of operation and look forward to continuing our standards of excellence in the future.

History of the Chief Instructor:

I began the study of Tang Soo Do in March of 1988 in Lansdowne, PA under the instruction of Daniel Pope. I started taking lessons with my two oldest children. I also was looking for a fun way to have a regular exercise schedule. I was then employed in the floor covering sales field and the extra mental toughness learned through the study of the martial arts helped to make me a better salesman as well. It was at my instructor’s studio that my children and I first met Grandmaster Shin. That was an exciting night for all of us. Little did I know that I would one day have a personal relationship with Grandmaster Shin as my mentor, instructor and friend.

I tested for Cho Dan in May of 1992, E Dan in the fall of 1994 and Sam Dan in October of 1997. My next test came in March of 2004 when I first went to the Master Camp. I received my Sah Dan Master rank in November of 2006.

Teaching is my mission field. Helping children learn how to work hard and to become the future leaders of our country and industry is where I know I can best serve God. It also gives me the opportunity to help adult students and parents of the academy as well. It is only through God that I am a success.

What makes your studio stand out from the rest:

What makes our academy stand out from the rest is our dedication to “Expect Excellence”. Throughout the years I have always trained the students in the traditional manner by placing high value on excellent technique and execution. We have worked hard to maintain the standards that Grandmaster Shin set forth for the Association. Parents and students alike appreciate the high standards that the academy expects in their training. In addition, we have taught students about life as well. They have always been taught that it is not about kicking and punching, but more importantly about being a productive and hard working person despite what they are being taught by our present culture.

Student Testimonials:

My son Andrew took his first class at Scota Karate Academy in the fall of 2011 when he was five. I enrolled Andrew in karate because he was having difficulty focusing, staying on task and being respectful of his teacher and of others in his classroom. Most days, he earned a “yellow” or “red” (as opposed to “green”) on his daily behavior report. Three months after enrolling Andrew at Scota Karate Academy, his classroom behavior, focus and discipline began to change dramatically for the better. He started earning “green” and “blue” behavior reports, after he started karate, he never had a “red” on his report again. He could stay on task for a longer period of time and he finished the work he started at his desk, versus getting up and giving up. At our Spring parent-teacher conference, Andrew’s teacher commented on how she was amazed by the changes and told us that whatever we were doing for him, it was the best thing we could have done for him. When he started school this fall, his teacher commented that he had impeccable manners and that he was the only student to say, “Yes ma’am” when she asked the class to complete a task and he was the only student to stand perfectly still when reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. His daily behavior report is always good; we have yet to see a “yellow” or “red” this year.
Master Scota, Mrs. Scota and Mrs. Wickline have been such positive and amazing influences in Andrew’s young life. They are always patiently encouraging, teaching and instructing him to do his very best. They reinforce what he is taught at home; to love God, to help others, to work hard and to do his best. I am continually impressed by the way they give each student individualized attention and instruction. Master Scota talks to Andrew about how he is behaving in school and talks to him about the importance of earning the things he wants in life. Andrew knows his belts are earned, they are not given to him and he has to work hard to earn them. He is so proud when he earns a new belt or when he earns a medal at competition; the self-esteem that he has developed is priceless.
I’m so impressed by all of the positive changes in Andrew that I plan to start taking classes with Andrew when he moves up to the white belt class later this year. I will never be able to thank Master Scota for all of the wonderful things he and the instructors have done for my son. The lessons he is learning in karate will stay with him all of his life. The Christian and family atmosphere is such a positive influence for him. Andrew and our family have truly been blessed by joining the Scota Karate Academy family. Written by his mother: Andrea Macmeccan
~ Andrew Macmeccan, Tiny Tiger, White with Green Stripe, 6 years old.

Tang Soo Do has become an integral part of my life for the last 5 years. I originally trained under Mr. Sal Convento in San Diego California and transferred to Scota Karate Academy in the summer of 2008 after relocating to Greenville, South Carolina. I list the transfer as one of the best decisions I have made in my adult life. I couldn’t be more at home and proud to be a part of Master Joe Scota’s Karate Academy. His concern for my development as both a martial artist and a person is evident in how much time he takes to teach his students both the physical aspects of TSD but the mental and spiritual lessons that go with them. Master Scota is one of the few individuals in my life right now I consider a role model and leader I look up to and want to emulate when in and out of the studio. The level of discipline, commitment, and tenacity I see him possess, day in and day out during my time with the studio, has been inspiring to watch. It is impossible to not feed off his energy and his passion for TSD. As a result of his training and coaching, I want to be a better martial artist than I was last year, last week, or yesterday. I want to stay accountable to my physical and spiritual health, with the goal of feeling younger not older each year that passes. The atmosphere he has created at the dojang, alongside his wife, Mrs. Scota, is one where everyone feels like family, everyone is having fun, and everyone wants to do their best to honor the art of TSD, honor the name Scota, and honor our country. Tang Soo!
~Maxim Williams, Cho Dan, Age: 34

I am an orange belt at Scota Karate Academy. To me karate means learning to defend myself if someone ever tries to hurt me and also it helps me get stronger. I like karate because I always learn new stuff like kicks and blocks and I get to make new friends. Also Master Scota and Ms. Scully and Mr. Rodriguez are really good at karate and they teach me a lot.
~Nick Venuto, 8th Gup Orange Belt, 8 years old

As a 14 year old student, I really like training in Tang Soo Do. My instructors at Scota Karate Academy are so friendly and eager to help. They have taught me to work hard and never give up! And training in Tang Soo Do has helped me learn to always do my best. The opportunity to teach as a junior instructor has been a very good experience. It has helped me develop leadership skills and given me a better understanding of those in authority over me. I am thankful to be a part of Scota Karate Academy and be able to learn Tang Soo Do.
~Isaac Montgomery, E Dan, 14 years old

I have been a student at Scota Karate for two years, and I love it! Not only do I enjoy learning my new Tang Soo Do techniques, but I've also made tons of new friends. I've also learned to never give up, but to concentrate and do my very best. Master Scota and the other instructors inspire me to keep working hard towards my goal of black belt.
~Gavin Martin, 5th Gup, Green Belt, Age: 11

I consider it such an honor and privilege to be a member of the Scota Karate Academy as a student as well as an instructor and to have the opportunity to train in the Korean martial art of Tang Soo Do. The training and instruction that I receive in this WTSDA school is of the highest standard of excellence and goes beyond the physical aspects of martial arts. At Scota Karate Academy we are trained to develop discipline, strength and integrity both mentally and physically. And while my training and instructing regimen can sometimes be a little demanding, I consider it an integral part of my overall health and wellbeing. The lessons I’ve learned while training at SKA have certainly guided me in making decisions and dealing with issues outside the Do Jang. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the Scota Karate family and look forward to the years ahead as I continue to train, teach and grow at SKA. Tang Soo!
~Lynn Montgomery, E Dan, Age: 51