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Grandmaster Jae Chul Shin
(December 20, 1936 - July 9, 2012)

Robert E. Beaudoin


Studio of the Month

January   2017

Coastal Canyon Tang Soo Do

Chief Instructor/Owner:

Master Kelly D. Goodwin

Other Instructors:

Robert D. Johnson, Sam Dan


4770 Fairport Way
San Diego, CA 92130



Types of Classes:

Safety seminars,


Web Site:







History of the School

Founded 2007 at Mission Bay Montessori Academy. Moved to current location at the Ocean Air Recreation Center in 2008.

History of the Chief Instructor

Master Goodwin started martial arts training in Tae Kwon Do and Aikido in 1986. She began training in Tang Soo Do in 1990 during graduate school at Caltech in Pasadena, CA, which was then part of Region 1. She officially joined the WTSDA in 1992 and in 1996 founded her first club in the San Francisco Bay area while a post-doctoral student. She later established locations in Region 20 before settling down in 2007 in Region 21. In addition to TSD, she enjoys Muay Thai training.

What makes your studio stand out from the rest:

Master Goodwin’s thoughts: “Our students and families are amazing. They are so smart, talented, focused, dedicated, and accomplished. They make us special.”

Mr. Johnson’s thoughts: “We have awesome families! Kids and parents training together; we have a strong relationship with the community through the recreation center as well. We focus on youth/teen safety through Kidpower/Teenpower and on building close relationships with Masters in other parts of the US and other countries. Our motto: You don’t earn a black belt, you become one.”

Student Testimonials:

“Training under Master Goodwin and Mr. Johnson has absolutely been a pleasure. Not only are they superb Tang Soo Do instructors with amazing capabilities, they encourage their students in a variety of categories. Both instructors are also Kidpower certified which helps them a lot when working with kids and complements nicely with Tang Soo Do. Also, at our school, Coastal Canyon Tang Soo Do, we celebrate academic success (science olympiad/robotics competitions), support our community (running 5K races that support local schools, contributing at the Easter Egg Hunt, Snow Day), encourage healthy eating (Halloween challenge), organize going to students’ theatre plays, going to college celebrations, etc. My daughter Tamara started training 4.5 years ago, when she was 7 years old, and shortly after her first regional tournament she set goal to pursue the rank of Cho Dan which she accomplished last spring with the exceptional teaching and guidance of Master Goodwin and Mr. Johnson. Around the time my daughter set her Cho Dan goal, I joined classes, too. I am thankful to Master Kelly Goodwin for encouraging me to join classes with my daughter and improve, but also for making me run before classes as a warm-up along with the other students (I ended up running for enjoyment regularly- I’ve run two half marathons so far and plenty of shorter races). My daughter attended Tiger Training Camp after the World Championship this summer, and afterwards was honored to be accepted to the HDL Dragon Demo Team. When a student from our school decided to go to the Region 2 Tournament in Arizona, Master Goodwin immediately started planning to go, too so other students joined and our school ended up having 6 competitors at that tournament. These are just some examples of the incredible instruction and impact that Master Goodwin and Mr. Johnson have had on their students. My daughter and I incredibly enjoy training at Coastal Canyon Tang Soo Do and are very happy that our studio was chosen for December Tang Soo Do School of the Month.”

Nela, Cho Dan Bo, 46 yr.
Tamara, Cho Dan. 12 yr.

“My son, Sid (12 yrs.), and I have been training with Master Goodwin and Mr. Johnson at Coastal Canyon Tang Soo Do for the past 5 years. Sid tried different sports, like soccer, and baseball before turning to karate. Once he was into karate, something really sparked in his mind and he immediately said his goal was to become a Master, like Master Goodwin. He stuck to his goal and recently tested for Black Belt in front of six Masters, including Grandmaster Beaudoin. He really rocked the test, all masters were pleasantly mused with his performance, and it was amazing to see him grow with CCTSD family. His performance was a testament to Master Goodwin’s training ethic and her dedication to TSD. The rigorous training, careful attention to details, highlighting the theory and practice of TSD wherever applicable, pushing the boundaries, special advanced classes on Saturdays, and the working environment that Master Goodwin and Mr. Johnson inculcates in everyday training at CCTSD is a great asset to our studio. I myself enjoy training with Master Goodwin and Mr. Johnson. Especially, the five codes and seven tenets of TSD really hit a chord when I first started training as they closely resemble to our culture. Furthermore, the training routine that Master Goodwin includes in every class helps with my cardio-exercises which I badly need. Lastly but not least, attending CCTSD rejuvenated my childhood memories (when I was 8 yrs. old, my brother and I used to do yoga exercises at 5 am lying in the fields and gazing at stars), which are priceless. Thank you Master Goodwin and thank you CCTSD. Tang Soo! The Udata Family, Cho Dan Bo.”

Chandra, Cho Dam Bo, 45 yr.
Sidharth, Cho Dan, 12 yr.

“Our family moved to San Diego from Boston in July 2014. Within 3 weeks Samantha started training at Coastal Canyon Tang Soo Do as a "transfer student"; she was a Cho Dan from a different Tang Soo Do association. Taking on an advanced student trained elsewhere may have been challenging, but Master Kelly and the CCTSD family warmly welcomed us. From the start we recognized that Master Kelly sets high expectations for all of her students regardless of age and rank, but she adeptly guides and instructs each of them to achieve their full potential. It is a training of the body and the mind, inside and outside of the dojo. There is also a strong sense of community within CCTSD. The students and instructors are very supportive of one another. As an example, every student from the youngest Tiny Tigers to the most mature Black Belt is invited to be part of the demo team at tournaments. Needless to say, the CCTSD demo team is usually one of the largest, but one can see and feel the pride of each participant. Samantha tested for E Dan 6 months ago. She was more calm and confident during that test compared to her Cho Dan test. It may have been partly due to maturity, but we feel the main reasons were that her CCTSD training prepared physically and mentally and that she felt the palpable support of her CCTSD family, of which we are so proud to be a part of! Tang Soo!”

Samantha, 14 years old, E Dan

“Tang Soo Do has been an integral part of my life and my experience covers a third of my life and half of the years I can actually remember. One of the best things that has happened to me before going to college has been becoming a Black Belt. Of all the relationships I value the most, Tang Soo Do Black Belts make up a significant portion. Plus the fact that you all believe in me consistently brings me incredible joy along with the pressure, which is good.

I did not realize the extent of the impact of Tang Soo Do until it was time to leave for college. Without Tang Soo Do I do not think I would have made it to the university I am now attending. My school prides itself in accepting and creating well rounded students and people. I know that part of the reason I was accepted was significant involvement in martial arts, demonstrated by holding positions of leadership. College wanted a leader and you taught me how to be one. I don't have words to express how important you have been in my development, especially at such an important time in my life. Thank you. For absolutely everything you have given me. Tang Soo!”

Daneila, 18 years-old. College freshman and Cho Dan