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Grandmaster Jae Chul Shin
(December 20, 1936 - July 9, 2012)

Robert E. Beaudoin


Studio of the Month

January   2014

Keystone Martial Arts I & II

Chief Instructor:

Keystone Martial Arts I: Mrs. Richelle L. Jorgensen, Sam Dan
Keystone Martial Arts II: Master Mark D. Jorgensen, Oh Dan

Other Instructors:

Keystone Martial Arts I:

Mr. Ron Carter, E Dan
Mr. Anthony Williams, Cho Dan
Mrs. Kay Rose, Cho Dan
Mr. Curtis Armstrong, Cho Dan Bo (Instructor Trainee)

Keystone Martial Arts II:

Mr. Joe Lacek, E Dan
Miss Hannah Miller, E Dan
Mr. Ryan Beagle, Cho Dan
Mr. Jamard Smith, Cho Dan Bo (Instructor Trainee)
Mr. John Butler, Cho Dan Bo (Instructor Trainee)

Keystone Martial Arts I

Rose E. Schneider Family YMCA
2001 Ehrman Rd
Cranberry Township, PA 16066

Keystone Martial Arts II

422 Mill St
Coraopolis, PA 15108



Number of Students:

Keystone Martial Arts I has about 70 active students
Keystone Martial Arts II currently has about 40 active students

Types of Classes:

Traditional TSD Classes, Little Dragons (Ages 4-7) (45 minutes), Youth (Ages 7-14) (1 hr), Adult: (Ages 14-up) (1hr)


Web Site:

History of the School:

From 2000 to 2001, Master Jorgensen, who at the time was a Sam Dan teaching classes under Master Charles Vaughn, began looking for a studio location of his own in the already crowded area of Southeastern Pennsylvania. Although he was able to find locations that did have interest, each of these locations proved to be too close to existing WTSDA studios. After some urging from Mrs. Jorgensen and from Master Scott Homschek, and after Master Jorgensen had been laid off from his regular full-time job in the area, the Jorgensens decided to make the move to the Pittsburgh area. Within three months of searching, Master Jorgensen had formed an agreement with a local YMCA, which was at that time in a very small building, but had plans for a larger facility. In June of 2002, Keystone Martial Arts began at the YMCA with just 2 classes, a youth and adult class, each meeting 3 times per week. After several years of teaching classes at this location, a brand new large YMCA facility was opened, and Keystone Martial Arts I experienced much growth, moving from an average of about 30 students to often averaging over 90 active each month, necessitating an expansion of classes offered. Keystone Martial Arts I now offers 5 different classes and continues to operate as a thriving YMCA program.
While always enjoying what the YMCA had to offer, Master and Mrs. Jorgensen chose to begin looking into expansion to a second commercial facility in 2009. After some searching and much renovation, Keystone Martial Arts II was opened in December of 2010. This was also the same year in which Region 8 was split and Keystone Martial Arts became one of the of the founding studios of the WTSDA’s newest region, Region 22. After initially experiencing slow growth, the new studio was able to expand its class offerings and nearly double enrollment over the past year, and looks forward to continued increases in student enrollment in order to further the art of Tang Soo Do in Region 22.
Now operating two locations, Master and Mrs. Jorgensen both were able to make the decision to become full-time professional studio owners, with no other supplementary occupations. In 2012, after Master Jorgensen received his promotion to 5th Dan and began to spend most of his time with the new studio, Mrs. Jorgensen was officially recognized by the WTSDA as studio owner of Keystone Martial Arts I, a job that she had in truth already been doing for years. Master and Mrs. Jorgensen now strive to jointly operate both studio locations in such a way that all students are able to learn from the unique experiences of each, while still retaining their individual school identities as well.

History of the Chief Instructor:

Master Mark Jorgensen is a certified fifth degree black belt instructor in the World Tang Soo Do Association. He began his martial arts career at the age of 10 under Master Charles Vaughn. He did not then realize he would be undertaking a journey that would shape much of who he is today. Master Jorgensen attained his first degree black belt in July of 1989 and was by that time assisting in the instruction of youth classes.

In July of 1991, he was awarded his second degree black belt, and at age 18 received official Instructor's Certification.
Master Jorgensen graduated with honors from Boyertown Senior High School in 1992 and enrolled at Penn State University. While at Penn State, he continued his training at the university with Master Michael Kaye. He assisted in teaching classes with the Penn State Martial Arts Group and was promoted to third degree black belt in July of 1994. Master Jorgensen graduated from Penn State with a BS in Secondary Education, and believes strongly in the value of education at all levels. He has over 25 years of experience in the martial arts and has taught in YMCAs, on a university campus, and in commercial martial arts studios. Although not his main focus, he has also had the honor of winning six Grand Championships at various competitions. At the 2004 World Tang Soo Do World Championship in Orlando, Florida, Master Jorgensen realized a lifelong dream when he was presented with his Master's belt by Grandmaster Jae C. Shin.
On October 2, 1999, Master Jorgensen was married to the love of his life, without whom he could never have come this far. The Jorgensens now operate Keystone Martial Arts together, strongly believing in the value of families training together.
Master Jorgensen's personal philosophy is that we are all both teachers and students. There is a need in this world to pass on what we have learned and an equal need to make the attempt to learn from everyone we meet regardless of age, gender, or status. It is his hope that he can continue to spread the art of Tang Soo Do to new locations and in the process continue to learn from new groups of people.
In February of 2008, Master Jorgensen was featured on the World Tang Soo Do Association's website as the "Master of the Month". You can view this profile by clicking here.
In July of 2012, after completing the required two year testing process, Master Jorgensen was awarded the rank of Oh Dan, Fifth Degree Black Belt, by Grandmaster Robert E.Beaudoin at the WTSDA World Championship in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Mrs. Richelle Jorgensen is a certified third degree black belt instructor in the World Tang Soo Do Association. Mrs. Jorgensen began her martial arts career at the age of 10 in the International Tang Soo Do Federation under the instruction of Mr. Wayne Giansante. Mr. Giansante gave her a firm foundation in precision techniques and showed her the beauty of the art in "martial arts". During her 9 years with I.T.F., she obtained her second degree black belt.
Mrs. Jorgensen graduated with honors from Hopewell Senior High School in 1993 and enrolled at Penn State University. She spent two years at Penn State Beaver Campus before transferring to University Park. It was at this time that she was introduced to the World Tang Soo Do Association. In 1995, she joined the Association and began training with the Penn State Martial Arts Group under the instruction of Master Michael Kaye. Mrs. Jorgensen had the unique experience of being able to train in Tang Soo Do as a white belt for a second time, which has given her a chance to put the World Tang Soo Do Association's sixth Tenet "Humility" into practice. Within two years, she tested for her first degree black belt within the World Tang Soo Do Association. In 1998, Mrs. Jorgensen graduated from Penn State with a BS in Real Estate and International Business and a minor in German.
During her time with the Penn State Martial Arts Group, she met Mark Jorgensen. Almost two years passed before the two began dating, and they were soon inseparable. In October of 1999, they became Mr. and Mrs. Mark Jorgensen and began a new chapter in their martial arts careers.>br> June of 2002 brought about the birth of Keystone Martial Arts. Together the Jorgensens strive to make their schools successful by combining their different martial arts histories and their similar philosophies. Both instructors desire to maintain a positive learning atmosphere, emphasize the importance of families and family values, and spread the influence of the strong, moral values that the World Tang Soo Do Association represents.
In 2011, Mrs. Jorgensen was inducted into Region 22's Hall of Fame as Instructor of the year, recognizing her hard work not only at Keystone Martial Arts, but also throughout the Region and the WTSDA.

What makes your studio stand out from the rest:

The first thing that makes Keystone Martial Arts stand out is that it is run by a husband and wife team of Chief Instructors. While this is true of many WTSDA studios, it is a quality that makes us unique from the majority. Students are able to get both a male and female perspective on training, which is important in teaching real-world self-defense skills. This also helps to generate a built-in sense of family, and we consider each of our students to be members of our own extended family.
Secondly, having both YMCA and commercial facilities allows us to offer a greater diversity of opportunities to our students. The YMCA features a large, open facility with wooden floors and very high ceilings, allowing for a variety of specialized weapons and sparring classes, as well as clinics and large-group instruction. The commercial school is smaller, but features a quieter environment, matted floors, and freedom to schedule classes at any time. This facility also allows instructors to take a more subtle and detailed approach to teaching certain topics, and is ideal for specialized classes in falling, ground fighting, and takedowns.
Finally, Keystone Martial Arts is very fortunate to be able to collaborate in many classes and special events with the five (soon to be six) other WTSDA studios in the Pittsburgh area. Monthly black belt classes, special clinics, and other events such as Steel Dragons Martial Arts’ yearly break-a-thon are always big hits for the students of Keystone Martial Arts as well as those of the surrounding schools. We strive to foster the family atmosphere not only within our own studios, but amongst the other WTSDA studios as well.

At Keystone Martial Arts I we offer separate Youth Beginner and Youth Advanced Classes. Our Youth Beginner Class is comprised of white belts through green belt with stripe. The Youth Advanced Class is comprised of green belts with stipe through black belt.
Starting in January of 2014, Keystone Martial Arts I will be adding a “Mighty Dragons” class to its schedule, which will serve as a bridge between our current Little Dragons Class and our Traditional Youth Beginner Class.
We also offer a monthly Black Belt Class to our Cho Dan Bo and Black Belt students. This class meets for 2 hours, and is a joint effort of all of the WTSDA Studios in the Pittsburgh Area. Once a month (usually the first Friday) we all meet at River valley Tang Soo Do Academy in Ambridge, PA for advanced training taught by a different Sam Dan, Sah Dan, or Master instructor.
Finally, we hold a monthly 2 hour Instructors’ Teaching Class at Keystone Martial Arts II, in which our certified instructors and Instructor Trainees from both locations meet to go over standardization of our curriculum, teaching methodologies, and other issues pertaining to our studios’ operation and function.

Parent Testimonials:

“We have been going for six months now and I would not think about going anywhere else. Master J and Mrs. J are very nice; they are strict but also patient and kind with my son. They set the bar high for us to ever pick another after school activity. I hope my son will continue here for a while and stick with it at Keystone Martial Arts. I could not have picked a better place.”

~Krystle Walsh, mother of Timmy Walsh, Little Dragon, age 5, White w/ green stripe

“I like Keystone Martial Arts because they teach my son self-defense and to have self-discipline. They teach the kids to work their mind and body, and teach the young kids how to handle strangers.”

~Paul Sedlock, father of Hayden Sedlock, Little Dragon, age 5, white w/ orange stripe

“I love that they teach the kids to give "all out effort" and be the best they can be! The belts are definitely earned. There is lots of focus on learning everything about the art of Tang Soo Do.”

~Joanna Sutton, mother of Aaron Sutton, age 11, 2nd Gup Red Belt

Student Testimonials:

“I like training at Keystone Martial Arts because it not only offers me a place to work out, learn about another culture, and learn self-defense, but has also given me another family and home away from home. I love Tang Soo Do so much that I never want to go home when class is over.”

~Hannah Miller, age 19, E Dan

“I like Tang Soo Do because of the camaraderie between students, and the friends everyone meets at classes and various events.”

~Ryan Beagle, age 26, Cho Dan

“I like Tang Soo Do because it gets me working hard. I like Master and Mrs. Jorgensen because they keep challenging me and pushing me.”

~Lorayne Bando, age 10, 2nd Gup Red belt

“I like Tang Soo Do because it teaches me how to protect myself, and how to be a better person. I would like to become a black belt, and Tang Soo Do teaches me how to do my best and give all out effort in class.”

~Tia Battles, age 8, 4th Gup Brown belt