The World Tang Soo Do Association

A True "World" Organization


Grandmaster Jae Chul Shin
(December 20, 1936 - July 9, 2012)

Grandmaster Robert E. Beaudoin


Q: The pages don't seem to look right on my browser, or I don't see some of the images. What is wrong?
A: You need to check the settings of your computer, and must follow the following:

  • Set your display to 1024x768 with at least thousands (16 bit) of colors
  • Use one of the latest browsers like Firefox 3.0 or Internet Explorer 7.0

Q: Can I use the graphics or text on the WTSDA homepage for my own page?
A: No, all the graphics on the WTSDA homepage are owned by the Association. The WTSDA logo is owned by the WTSDA and may not be reproduced without permission (as well as the rest of the images, a lot of work went into this page). At this time, only official pages approved by the association are permitted to use the logo. As for other graphics, we plan to put up a page where you can download graphics that are free to use to set up your own homepage.

Q: The Order Forms Page or the Email page will not display properly on my computer
A: Once again, you must have the latest version of the current browsers to view pages with tables. Try dowloading one of those.

Q: I tried to print out the Online Order form, but when I did, it printed the contents bar (or other area) instead. What do I do?
A: Try single clicking in the frame with the orderform before you hit the print button. Older browsers did not handle frames the same way as some newer ones.

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Studio Homepage Guidelines

Studio Web Sites
Please read these requirements carefully and submit your page for approval.

  1. Only studios in good standing with the World Tang Soo Do Association will be considered for approval.

  2. Only Official Studio pages will be permitted to use the World Tang Soo Do Association logo (no personal pages please). In order to use the logo, the following requirements must be met:
      a) The logo may not be altered in any manner.
      b) The logo must be linked to "".
      c) The logo must be displayed prominently on the main home page of the site. The logo may additionally be displayed on sub pages but must also be linked to "". The logo should NOT be used on Jump or Splash pages.

  3. All page content will be reviewed by the WTSDA Web Committee before approval is given. All pages must be complete. Sites which have areas "under construction" can not be approved.

  4. All approved pages may display a WTSDA Approved logo. All WTSDA "Approved" logos will be supplied by the web committee and must be used unaltered. They are required to link to "" and should be displayed on the home page.

  5. If you are planning to use frames, links to the WTSDA homepage must be made using the target="_top" or target="_new" commands. This allows the linked page to be loaded into the full browser instead of into a frame on your page.
      ex. <a href="" target="_top">WTSDA</a>.

  6. When all requirements are met, an email will be sent to the webmaster and chief instructor with any additional information, your approval number, and how to setup your page to properly display the logos. Your "Approved" logo will be sent by separate email. Soon after the email is sent, a link will be placed on the WTSDA homepage to your studio.

  7. The requirements for studio homepages is subject to change. Please review the requirements periodically to maintain compliance. Please adhere to all standards set forth by the World Tang Soo Do Association as best as possible.

  8. Any page found displaying the WTSDA logo, or the "Approved" logo without permission will be asked to remove it, or submit their page for approval.

  9. WTSDA is nondenominational and non-political: any such references or links are not generally allowed on "Approved" sites and would require special permission prior to approval.

Regional Web Sites
Additional Requirements

  1. All WTSDA Regional web sites for regions 1 through 22 (currently) are required to be approved by the web committee. These sites MUST comply with all the studio web site guidelines plus the following conditions.

  2. The region number and the area/states/countries that comprise the region.

  3. The Name of the Regional Director and his Contact Information displayed.

  4. The WTSDA logo and the "APPROVED" logo prominately displayed on the home page. The logos MUST link directly back to "".

  5. A WTSDA Disclaimer prominately displayed on the bottom of each page similiar to the one on "".

  6. People in photos must be in official WTSDA uniforms or an explanatory caption addressing why they're not (i.e. Studio XYZ's demo team competing at the 2012 World Championship).

If you would like to see examples of Studio Homepages accepted by the association, please check out the links on our studio listings pages.

Click HERE to Submit Your page

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